How long should I stay in the bath?

hot bath

Bathing has had quite a trip over the past several millennia, evolving from a public social activity in Ancient Rome to something we do in the privacy of our own homes, first for cleaning and sanitation, and then as a way to unwind. In recent years, however, bathtubs have made a remarkable … Read more

Should I shower before I soak in the tub?


Getting into a warm bath can help reduce feelings of tension and anxiety, according to a number of studies. A body that is submerged in a bath that is equipped with jets has been proved by research to have additional healing effects. Moving water activates touch receptors in the skin, which relaxes … Read more

What are the benefits of having a hot bath?

Hot bath

Bathing has very extensive and lengthy history. We submerge ourselves in water for personal cleanliness, recreation, and health, whether in a bathing container or a natural body of water. There is nothing more delightful than swimming in the water on a sunny day or taking a fragrant hot bath in the winter. … Read more

How to conserve water with my bathtub?

Water Conservation

A bath requires approximately 9 gallons of water or “35 liters” of water. Using a “typical” shower head, a five-minute shower will take approximately twelve minutes. You can conserve more water by reducing your shower duration, as every minute saves approximately 2.5 gallons of water. According to estimates, the average American uses … Read more

A Guide to Bathtub Maintenance

Bathtub maintenance

Bathtubs are a simple method to relieve tension, but grime buildup and stains can make an evening dip less soothing. In the absence of regular cleaning, germs, grime, hard-water deposits, soap scum, and even mold or mildew can accumulate in and around your tub. Follow this simple advice on how to clean … Read more

Speed of Adult Electric Trike

Speed of Adult Electric Trike

Electric trikes and bikes have taken over the entire vehicular industry by storm. They’re fast, eco-friendly, cheaper to travel on, and highly comfortable. Traveling throughout the town on your electric tricycle is also great for carrying cargo. The third wheel in an e-trike gives stability and helps the rider to ride comfortably … Read more

How to Prune Young Trees for Strength & Form – Pruning Tools

How to Prune Young Trees for Strength & Form - Pruning Tools

Tree pruning is a crucial part of developing a strong structure and getting the desired shape for trees. When a tree receives appropriate pruning measures at a young age, it will require less pruning as it matures. However, improper pruning can harm young trees significantly. Thus, one needs to be cautious and … Read more

What board games were popular in the early 1900s?

Dices and wooden pieces on a board game

Throughout history, board games have been a feature of the majority of nations and societies. The oldest known board game is Senet, unearthed in Ancient Egyptian tombs dating back to 3500 B.C. and involves moving counters around a small gridded board. A new variant of a classic board game is introduced every … Read more