Outdoor Furniture Ideas to Spice Up Your Brisbane Home


Brisbane is one of the most populated cities in Australia because of its welcoming culture, year-round sunshine, fun recreational scene, and many other reasons. Home to over two million residents of different cultures and lifestyles, Brisbane prides itself in being a leader for sustainability, thus earning its title as a green city. Indeed, living in this city comes with advantages, such as an affordable cost of living, quality education, and an excellent healthcare system. As a resident, you also get to enjoy the perks that tourists do: lively shopping opportunities, beautiful beaches, cultural sites, and several places to visit!

Given the beautiful weather and sceneries in Brisbane, it would be a waste not to enjoy the outdoors. The good news is you do not have to go sightseeing to experience this as you can do so even in the comforts of your home! By adding in some outdoor furniture in Brisbane and decorating your patio, you can easily create a lively alfresco space that you can use for multiple purposes. You can use it as a lounge area to enjoy the sunshine or breeze, or invite people over for a nice meal. Whatever your plans may be, here are some patio design ideas that may get you inspired to start working on yours.

Poolside Patio

Have you been dreaming of having a pool in your home for some time now? If you have outdoor space sitting idly, then creating a poolside patio area will be the perfect combination of fun and relaxation. Consider installing a concrete pool since this type gives you the most flexibility in terms of design and customization. With that, you will be able to tailor the pool’s size to fit your patio space, while still having ample space to fit some outdoor furniture in Brisbane. Add in a couch with shade to allow guests to relax, then have a small dining area for occasional meals.  There are great options for designer style furniture and more.  You can even get creative and use something like these used plastic pallets from Plain Pallets for a unique look.

Patio Kitchen

What can offer more lively fun than having an outdoor kitchen where you can grill meat and have some drinks with friends and family? Fortunately, kitchen islands today can easily be customized to fit your space, so you need not worry about problems with the shape or size. Common patio kitchen designs incorporate a small kitchen island enough for a grill, sink, and cabinet–the essentials of a family barbecue! Naturally, do not forget to add your dining table and chairs to make for the perfect meal.

Cozy Retreat

At times, all you want is to sit outside, read a book or browse the Internet, and enjoy the natural light. If you have these days, then consider turning your patio into a cozy outdoor retreat! Depending on the space left, you can add in a round table and a few chairs, along with an umbrella to give you proper shade. Add some greenery for added aesthetics and create a more relaxing vibe, then include some lanterns to keep the place well-lit at night.  With all the right options it will help to make your dream home come true.

Fire Pit

Believe it or not, adding a fire pit to your patio can make all the difference. Most of the time, the fire pit alone can already transform the design of your space and create a cozy atmosphere. However, you can also work around with some furniture to give it more life. For instance, you can put a comfortable couch or individual chairs around it, so people can gather around that area on colder nights. Make sure you place the fire pit somewhere near the path to your home, but not too close to it.

Author bio: Helen Harry is a freelance writer and a GOT fan. Apart from writing Technologies, she likes to read & write fiction. More than anything, she loves to spend her time with her family, explaining technologies to the elders.

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