Organizing Garage Cabinets and Storage

We all know that garages are hardly considered to be just places for parking our vehicles any more. Since this is an open, casual space for most homes, many people are now utilizing their garages as playrooms, workshops, and even places to just sit and relax. However, the most common use of garages is storage.

We’re not talking about your car or bicycles either. Any large item you want to store could have a safe, easy, and convenient home in the garage. This includes those huge suitcases that you only drag out every year for your annual vacation, the barbeque grill for the summer season, or the snow shovel for the winters. These items are needed after some time, so it’s much easier to haul them out of the garage rather than lugging them all the way from the attic or basement.

Since the garage is an accessible place for storage, using it for this purpose is quite logical. We’ll discuss this concept further below in order to give you an idea of how you can utilize your garage space to its maximum potential:

Organizing Garage Cabinets and Storage

The Garage Ceiling

The garage ceiling is a suitable place to install overhead storage, which is excellent for larger items like bicycles, small boats, large boxes, surfboards, etc. A rope and pulley are all you need to hoist the larger items and secure them by tying with ropes. Some people might choose to install racks on their garage ceiling in order to make full use of this empty space.

Hooks can also be attached to the ceiling to create additional useful storage space. When you get those big items out in the way, then you will be able to create a lot more space in your garage for even more storage. Of course, you may also want the garage floor to remain a bit empty in order to have a space for games, relaxing, or hanging out with friends.

Labeling the Stored Items

Labeling is another important element in organizing your storage in your garage. Get a label maker or use some readymade labels to put every box, cabinet, and shelf. This will help you and your family remember where everything is stored. If you don’t take this precaution, it can be an awfully difficult task to weed out the one thing you want in all those crates, bags, or other containers.

Labels also enable you to return the items to the particular shelf or cabinet. It is hence important that you and your family practice and develop organizational habits even in other areas of your life. If you have kids, teach them where those items should be returned after they’ve been used.

Another way of organizing is to get rid of the items when they’re no longer useful. Sell them off, give them to others, or dispose of them. That way, you will also leave extra space for your storage. It might be a good idea to label the things that aren’t of any use, so you can simply do away with them whenever the chance arises.

Planning for Garage Storage

Planning is the key step to having your garage cabinets and storages neatly organized. You might also need the help of a trained professional in this regard, especially if your collection of things has gotten out of hand. Their experience can help you tremendously in finding extra space and in creating cabinets that will help you store plus organize your belongings. Professional organizers will also work to develop a customized plan that can enable you to utilize all the available space for organizing your storage.

You’d be surprised to know that many manufacturers that provide organization systems for garage also give you a space-planning service for free.  If you’re purchasing something from such a company, make sure you get in touch about this service. This will teach you how one can store their gear in a safe, accessible, and proper manner. Meanwhile, check the following link to get deal on premium Durabox products. 

Tips for Storage

For storing medium-sized items that you use on a frequent basis, store the items that complement each other side by side. For instance, the watering can and fertilizer should be near each other in order to give you the maximum convenience. You also want to put bulky items such as lawnmowers and shovels in the corner. This way, you won’t be bumping into them or knocking them down by mistake.

If there’s something that you use almost daily, such as your bike, you might want to keep them by the garage door. Leave the awkward spots for the seasonal things or anything that you use only rarely

Getting Help When Needed

Availing yourself of the services of a trained and experienced professional can help you narrow down the choices storage options that you want to install in your garage. However, first of all, you should have your garage walls measured. Then, create a diagram of your garage with all the measurements and also a list of things you want to store. The diagram should be as true to scale as possible, so you know just how many cabinets or what kind of a size you can fit into the available space. With a clear plan, you can enable a competent pro to virtually recreate a view of your garage.

Organizing With Pegs

Of course, you don’t always have to organize your garage and enhance its storage potential by installing huge cabinets. You might not even have to buy a rolling cabinet, which can be quite an expensive choice. Using your garage for storage and increasing its capabilities can be as simple as installing a pegboard. The Wall Control 30-WGL-200GVB Galvanized Steel Pegboard Tool Organizer is a great place to start. Check out its details here:

This particular pegboard and many others like it could be just what you need to organize your projects in the garage. If you’ve set up a worktable, store your tools, and work on some carpentry in this particular space, you’ll find this organizer to be a great help. It comes in red, white, black, and galvanized steel color combinations, so you have some choice when it comes to setting the decorative tone of your garage.

This particular pegboard is about ten times as strong as the regular boards you see on the market. This means that it’s able to hold more for a longer period of time. You have magnetic panels here, while the steel construction will prevent the holes from any wear and tear. The galvanized finish is resistant to rust, so you don’t have to worry about any unsightly marks on this investment.

With this storage option, you can easily hang up your tools and have them within easy reach when required. The mounting holes are strong and durable enough to hold whatever you want, while the package also includes three plastic bins, a screwdriver holder, and about 15 brackets plus hooks.


Thanks to modern technology, installing storage to your garage has never been easier. Getting some professional help will save you both time and money. While organizing might be a difficult task for many, making a neat plan of your garage storage ahead of time will take out some of the burdens. This step might even enable you to start the process of creating an organizational system for your home. Moreover, adding storage spaces for your garage is also seen as a great investment and will definitely add more value to your property.

However, we must warn you that storing too much in your garage could actually end up frustrating your daily life if you go overboard. Stuffing all your luggage, bicycles, and loads of old photos in the garage might take up all that precious room. In fact, there are even people who may not have any space in their garage for even a single car. Make sure you know what you’re doing and only install as much storage as your garage can handle.