Organizing a seamless clearance


Whether you’re working remotely or not, having a well organised and comfortable working space is important. Sometimes cluttering is inevitable and every once in a while we have to declutter. Be it for the purpose of tidying up or because you’re planning a renovation or refurbishment, having a clearance is one way to declutter and ensure you have a comfortable working space. So, how do you ensure a smooth loft office clearance?

Hiring a qualified loft office clearance company

Loft offices have become a common option for most people nowadays. One way to ensure a smooth loft office clearance is to start with hiring a professional clearance company. According to clearance experts at Clearance Solutions, a qualified clearance company should be accountable and also comply with the EU Waste Framework Directive among other requirements.

The company you choose to work with should be able to efficiently and effectively handle everything from the start to finish. This includes the project planning and management, asset audits, storage, relocation, as well as the clearance.

Have an inventory of the items you need to keep and those to be cleared

It is advisable to take note of the things you want to be left in the office and those you’d like to get rid of. This way you’ll be able to inform your clearance company and establish a realistic timeline as well as an accurate budget estimate. Also, by clearly labeling the items that need to be cleared, you’ll avoid any confusion during the exercise.

Establish a clear timeline

Minimising downtime for your business is a major goal. The amount of work to be done and size of the premises are some of the determinants of how long a clearance exercise is likely to take. By having clear communication with your clearance company, it will be easier to estimate a realistic duration for the project.

Choose eco-friendly recycling methods

Whenever you’re having an office clearance, you should be able to use sustainable clearance methods. Some of these environmentally safe methods include the following:

  • Recycling and reusing
  • Donating
  • Upcycling

Ensure compliance with the health and safety regulations

With your employees’ welfare in mind, you should make sure that their health and safety is paramount. You should collaborate with your clearance company to ensure that health and safety regulations are adhered to throughout the whole project.  Working with a company such as can be of great assistance.

By following the tips highlighted above having your loft clearance will be a less daunting task. Also, with the right clearance company you can always go about your renovation or refurbishment without much of a hustle. If it’s a commercial loft office, then it will be easy to resume with business smoothly.


Choosing the right builder for your office loft refurbishment/renovation

Whether it’s a commercial office or your home office, it’s important to work with a qualified builder so that you can achieve the desired outcome. Loft conversion experts at Eloft emphasize the importance of having a builder who can transform your underutilised room into a functional space. But how do you choose the right builders?

Highlighted below are some important things that you should consider when choosing the right builder for your project.

  • Level of experience of your builder
  • Recommendations from previous clients.
  • Your budget. Once you’ve detailed your expectations of the project, your builder should be able to give you an accurate budget estimate.
  • Getting quotes from different builders.
  • The design you want for your loft office.
  • Weather your builder has any insurance and/or structural guarantee.
  • Check their accreditations and certifications if any.
  • The duration within which the construction should be completed. A good builder should be able to deliver within the agreed time.
  • Previously handled project. Have they successfully completed any similar projects before?
  • Working relations. You need to have good communication with your builder.

Once you evaluate the things discussed above, it should be easier for you to choose a suitable builder for your loft project. If a company has its own project manager , the better. This way they will be incharge of the project and you can collaborate with them to ensure you achieve your desired office loft design.

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