Online Casino Ranking in Japan (VeraJohn, Gambola, LuckyCasino)

Over twenty years, with the advance of technology, the online casino has been gained super moment among gambling enthusiasts. It now a world of Internet entertainment at these online casinos for Japanese gamblers. New online casinos with live broadcasting system revolution of playing the old style that is played in video or table style, because online casino website opens the service of the live casino, including famous casino that offers online betting service.

However, choosing the best online casino is slightly tricky, then it is easier than you think due to the オンカジランキング  (Onkaji ranking) of the top casinos. It is a compilation of the best online casino websites from many countries’ most frequent and many access statistics. 

Now before starting to play in a casino, including types of games, deposit and withdrawal methods, recommended games, or necessary information from what an online casino is, how are they different from standard casinos? And we have picked the most decent casino sites to rank the reviews. So that you will get to know the pros and cons of each casino before playing as well.

Therefore this article will give a vital description of the best three online casinos in Japan that are おすすめ オンカジ  (Recommended Onkaji), so if you learn more, please read this guide from top to bottom.

Overview’s of VeraJohn: 

VeraJohn Casino is one of the online casinos that you can use with confidence in Japan. There are many Japanese players, and there is a great sense of security that you can exchange reputation and information by word of mouth using the Internet, so it is an online casino that is friendly to first-time users.

Actually, this Vera John Casino is operated by the same operator as the longest-established online casino “InterCasino” which has been running since 1996. Since its know-how is inherited, the level of customer support and game quality is also high. You can play with confidence.

Recently, it has also supported gaming with Bitcoin, which has been requested to be supported due to the influence of the virtual currency bubble such as Bitcoin in recent years. It has a good reputation for Bitcoin support, and it seems that it will continue to support various cryptocurrencies, so you can expect that the convenience of deposits and withdrawals will increase further in the future.

Overview’s of Gambola:

Gambola is a new online casino that just launched in August 2019. Even if it is new, Jorgen Nordlund, the founder of Vera & John, the most successful in Japan, launched a new business following LUCKY Casino. By the former staff of Vera & John, who knows the industry well in operation?

Since Gambola is still a new casino, there was no information on the super-high-priced winners, but it seems that there are some players who have won high-priced prizes such as about $ 1500 with a bet of $ 1.

As explained in detail in the bonus section, the unique bonus called “Gambola Plus” is also very popular. Many online casinos offer high bonuses, but it is quite a hurdle to clear the betting conditions and actually get the bonus. Still, the more you play Gambola Plus, the more unconditional bonuses you get. It is a system that you can get.

Overview’s of LuckyCasino: 

An online casino that goes simple is best locally. “Lucky Casino” is gaining popularity. The sports page has also undergone the long-awaited renewal, making it easier to use. LuckyCasino is a new online casino that appeared on the Japanese market in 2019.  The yellow design reminiscent of Pokémon is a state-of-the-art online casino launched by the staff of Vera John Casino. Lucky casino full of selling points.

Anyway, it’s simple, and the lucky casino bonus and menu display are big and easy to understand! Start the popular LuckyCasino, which is selected by players who are new to Onkaji and want to start gambling easily.