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The craze for cricket has shown a rise in recent time. The main reason behind this is people like the game, and it is pretty easy to understand. Moreover, the biggest league of cricket is going to begin soon in India, and people are pretty excited about it. The main problem is the rising of where to stream live cricket. The answer to the question that arises is where to stream the live cricket?

Well, there are many online applications that give you the freedom of watching the match through your mobile phone. In the upcoming paragraphs, you will get to know about the top-notch applications which can help you to stream live cricket. Let’s start the article without wasting more time and discuss some best applications to watch online cricket by saudicricket rating.


Hotstar is one of the most popular applications where you can start streaming for free. The Hotstar is one of the best apps where you can stream live cricket and enjoy watching cricket with your friends and family. You can start Hotstar by purchasing its subscription and watch the game of cricket. You can check the live scores and also watch the live match on your mobile phone. In addition to this, one can watch the latest movies on this app as it is also free. There are two packages available one is 399 and the other costs 1499. You can choose your package and start streaming live.


The cricbuzz app can help you to stream online. Although it does not have a video facility like Hotstar, the app can be helpful in showing the live scores. Moreover, you can also listen to the commentary by professionals and enhance your gaming experience. If a person is travelling and is facing some network issues, he can watch the live scores and keep them updated.

More people are using this application because it is free and no extra charges have to be paid on it. In addition to this, you can get the knowledge of playing 11 and also get to other details like who won the toss and every single detail.


The SonyLIV app is the best entertainment mode where you can watch movies and cricket. This app is more similar to Hotstar app. Cricket can be observed while taking the subscription, and one can watch cricket from their home. The app allows you to watch the game by sitting at your home and outside your home. This is one of the best features, and you can avail of it by getting a subscription. Going to stadiums and watching cricket over there is risky because the increasing coronavirus has made it difficult for people. You can search for the application in the play store and app store and install it on your mobile phones.

DTH apps

Some of the DTH services like Tata Sky and Dish TV have their personal apps, which can be helpful for streaming, and you can use them freely to enjoy cricket at home. The best advantage of these apps is you can enjoy them on your mobile phones because they have a unique feature through which the dish TV can be activated on your mobile phones. That’s quite well that you buy the subscription for your television and enjoy watching on your mobile phones.

Star sports channel

Coming down to the last method we have the famous channel through which you can enjoy watching cricket on your television. The major drawback is one cannot watch cricket on mobile because it is only for television. The latest technology is introducing the solution to this problem as one can see soon a new feature which is the app of the start sports channel.

That channel can be downloaded on android and IOS. This can be helpful for enhancing productivity, and you will get more features. The app will get connected through your television, and you will get more productivity.

The final verdict

To sum up, watching cricket online is the best method, and you can get some of the best applications in the above article. There are some of the top-class applications which can help you to watch live cricket. Some of the apps are paid, while some are free; all the details are provided in fact, so you can check the article for all the details. Hence, we can conclude that watching cricket on online apps is better, and you should go with that option.

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