Non-addictive, pain relief and anti-depressive? Pharmacists disassemble the mystery behind Cannabidiol

When it comes to marijuana, many people are directly aware that “drugs” and “psychedelics” can cause addiction and other injuries. Cannabis contains hundreds of compounds. Among them, “tetrahydro-cannabinol” (THC) is a drug in Hong Kong, but “Cannabidiol” (CBD) is not controlled by the Dangerous Drugs Ordinance. The extract of Cannabidiol without psychoactive ingredients is not an illegal substance in Hong Kong. Therefore, many local retailers, coffee shops, breweries, etc. have recognized its development potential and began to introduce CBD from all over the world for promotion and sales. Click here to get a medical marijuana card online. And if you need help from a 5-star detox and rehab center, contact the best detox south florida.

Hong Kong retail and catering stores have introduced in-store personal identification results

Denise, the founder of the local CBD retail store ““, points out that CBD can regulate the balance of body pressure and can be taken directly orally or applied to the skin through external use. According to different people’s conditions and physiques, they may have different feelings when using it. For people with greater pressure, it may improve depression, anxiety, and insomnia; people with sensitive skin can also be relieved.

“Many of the younger customers, they first understand what CBD is, and after knowing the effects, they buy it for their family members.” Denise said that he had also experienced severe depression and anxiety. The habit of using CBD in conjunction with meditation and meditation gave him a spiritual boost. To soothe the effect. For the menstrual discomfort and pain that girls often encounter when they “M arrive”, Denise also points out that it has a regulating effect.

Fiachra Mullen from Ireland founded Hong Kong’s first CBD concept coffee shop “Found”. In addition to adding CBD drops to coffee, the store also sells other foods and beverages containing CBD. Fiachra said, “CBD is better for me than drinking. , It won’t make me hangover, and I won’t feel worse the next day!” The most frequent guest comment he heard was relaxation, “I believe that relaxation in Hong Kong is a result of high value. After all, the economy has deteriorated in the past 12 months. And encounter the epidemic”.

What exactly is CBD? Will it be as addictive as marijuana?

CBD stands for “Cannabidiol” and is the second most popular substance among the active ingredients of cannabis. The most common compounds in cannabis are tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) and Cannabidiol (CBD). In Hong Kong, THC is classified as a drug, but because CBD is an extract without psychoactive ingredients, it is not controlled by the Dangerous Drugs Ordinance.

THC can make people excited and psychedelic, resulting in addictive feelings, while CBD is a non-psychoactive ingredient, so there will be no signs of addiction. However, the Hong Kong Security Bureau has pointed out that due to the difficulty in the process of extracting pure Cannabidiol, the product is likely to contain controlled THC at the same time. If the product contains THC, there is a chance that users will gradually become addicted. Suppose you or a loved one is suffering from such an addiction, it is advised to contact an addiction rehab center today. The import or production of related products should be avoided to avoid breaking the law.

Overseas pharmacists using CBD to treat epilepsy urge Hong Kong government to monitor and regulate

CBD is a very popular stress-reducing product in foreign countries. According to a Gallup poll, one out of every seven people in the United States is using CBD-containing products. In addition, a study by the WHO Expert Committee on Drug Dependence also pointed out that CBD has no risk of addiction, and some people prescribe high-concentration CBD to treat epilepsy in children.

What is sacred CBD? Su Yaohua, a pharmacist from the Hong Kong Pharmaceutical Services Fund, analyzed that cannabidiol can increase the content of a neurotransmitter called “GABA” in the human brain, thereby inhibiting the central nervous system and reducing the efficacy of inducing pain, and enhancing the analgesic effect in disguised form. “But there are two risks. The first is that we don’t know the product at all, how much we need to eat to relieve pain, and the second is what side effects will occur if we eat too much.”

Su Xu pointed out that some studies indicate that the common side effects of CBD intake are loss of appetite and fatigue. Due to this reasons, many experts also recommend using CBD for weightloss. Compared with overseas, he believes that Hong Kong is in a “no kingly control” situation, and urges the government to refer to foreign guidelines so that wholesale retailers can register first according to the guidelines.

According to local laws, Cannabidiol is not a dangerous drug, so it is not controlled by the Dangerous Drugs Ordinance. Import and export do not require a relevant license. However, if the product also contains THC that is regulated by the Ordinance, it is a dangerous drug. At present, there are no registered pharmaceutical products in Hong Kong that contain Cannabidiol. In the past five years, the Department of Health has not issued import or export licenses for pharmaceutical products containing Cannabidiol.

The Security Bureau pointed out earlier that due to the difficulty in the process of extracting pure Cannabidiol, the food and beverages concerned are likely to contain controlled THC at the same time. Therefore, the food industry should avoid importing or producing the relevant products to avoid breaking the law.

The World Health Organization’s Committee of Experts on Drug Dependence made a recommendation to the United Nations Commission on Narcotic Drugs to control cannabis in March last year, including that preparations containing mainly Cannabidiol and tetrahydrocannabinol content not exceeding 0.2% are not subject to international control, but members of the United Nations The country has different opinions on this, and the Commission has not yet adopted the proposal. The Narcotics Division replied that it will closely monitor the development with relevant government departments, and then make a decision after considering various relevant factors and social opinions.

However, Hong Kong people love to try new things. How to try CBD and how much you need to eat is the safest thing. If there are any foreign standards for reference, please pay attention to the decomposition next time.