New House, Old Door Blues


Maybe you just found the house of your dreams. The neighborhood is great, the price was great, everything is going just as you had hoped. Fast forward a few months. You are coming home from work, and it is storming like you wouldn’t believe. No umbrella? No problem, you can’t get wet if you go through the garage. You pull in, press the magic button but nothing happens. How can this be? How can your new dream house let you down in these moments of rain and storm? That precious garage of yours now has a faulty door to have repaired. You can handle walking in your house a little wet, easy fix you think. Then you go check things out and realize that it is more serious than replacing a door opener battery. 

Everything is easy until it isn’t. What you were hoping was a simple battery repair for your door opener, turns out to be something much bigger. When the problem becomes something more than an easy fix, it is something you want to handle right away. There are some logistics to consider when replacing your new door. You must certainly want to deal with a company that specializes in residential garage door installation. Sometimes, you may be able to just put a new door, on an old setup. Other times, you will need to have everything replaced with your new door. This is why it is important to have professionals work with you every step of the way. DIY options are certainly available, but if you are even the slightest bit off, you could cause yourself major headaches. It is best to have a team of experts taking the right measurements, analyzing your problem and offering the best solution for any budget. 

It’s Just a House, How Hard Can It Be?

In some ways, replacing the garage door at your home can be more difficult than in a commercial setting. If you have any doubts about your situation, you need to call in the pros. There are companies like STI Garage Door that are a shining example of what a professional door company can do for its customers. An advantage of working with the pros is that you will have a point of contact from estimate to post-sale. You will have accurate measurements and sizing specifications. If something goes wrong, you will have a team ready to assist you along the whole way. You will not have those services If you go to a big box store and order a door for your home. Another advantage is the removal of your old equipment and material. It is hard enough trying to replace your residential garage door, let alone having to haul all of your old junk away. You will be thankful when your newer, lighter, more energy-efficient door is finally installed. Just remember to make sure that you work with a company that has all the latest materials, colors shapes and sizes. Your new door should match the feeling of that dream house of yours.

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