New HEATSMART™ Option for DaVinci Custom Fireplaces


The DaVinci custom fireplaces come in various sizes and aesthetic effects to add a touch of class to any residential or commercial space.

It is heartwarming and immensely satisfying to watch the flames lick up in various colours, tones, and hues to suit any ambience, mood, or season.

But that need not be the fullest extent of your DaVinci custom fireplace’s usability. With the new HeatSmart™ option, you can add smart functionality to your beautiful fireplace.

The New HeatSmart™ Heat Exchanger Option 

The HeatSmart™ option is a heat exchanging function designed to warm the room efficiently. It does this by drawing in the air from the room, warming it, and using a powerful fan to blow it back out.

The function is smart enough to deliver the heat just where it is needed. This feature lets you enjoy your fireplace up close. You can even touch the DaVinci fireplace glass frame without any fear of getting burnt.

The New HeatSmart™ Option: Features

The HeatSmart™ option will begin warming your room the moment you turn it on. This feature and any other is accessible via a touch screen pad installed on the wall or through a home automation system.

Your DaVinci custom fireplace generates more heat with the HeatSmart™ Option. More heat means you can warm a larger space which is ideal for both residential and commercial areas.

With more heat generated, you do not have to worry about feeling chilly when inside, even in cold weather.

The DaVinci HeatSmart™ option works all year, whatever the season. When it is cold, it keeps you heated, but even in warm weather, you can still enjoy the beauty of your DaVinci custom fireplace.

In the summer months, you can set the HeatSmart™ function to dispel warm air outside the house rather than reintroducing it inside. So you can still enjoy the view of a flickering fire without baking yourself in the process.

How the HeatSmart™ Function Works

The HeatSmart™ option works on the heat exchanger model. It draws in cold air from the room and warms it around connected exhaust pipes. These pipes are part of the heat exchange system. The air flows around these pipes until sufficiently heated. It is then channelled back into the room.

In warm weather, you can set the function to expel the air outside instead.


The option is compatible with the entire range of DaVinci fireplaces- seven models in total.

These are:

  1. The DaVinci Single-Sided fireplace
  2. The DaVinci See-Through fireplace
  3. The DaVinci Right Corner fireplace
  4. The DaVinci Left Corner fireplace
  5. The DaVinci Island fireplace
  6. The DaVinci Pier fireplace
  7. The DaVinci Bay Window fireplace

The HeatSmart™ option is also compatible with the Maestro Collection of gas fireplaces.


Fire is a hazardous element; installing a heating appliance is not the place to try out your DIY skills. Instead, a professional will gladly install your DaVinci HeatSmart™ heat exchange system for you.

Besides, some elements of the installation process, for instance, the electric wiring, must be done by a qualified technician, following laid down codes.

Operation and Maintenance

Turn the blower of the heat exchanger on and off manually using the fireplace controller. Turning the fireplace off while the blower is still on will turn off the heat exchanger. However, when turned on again, it will resume operation at the last setting. You can control the speed of the blower using the control pad.

Yearly, remove the grill and vacuum the blower area, careful not to damage the blades.

The HeatSmart™ option is not one you should forego when you acquire your DaVinci custom fireplace. It is an option that dramatically enhances the experience of your fireplace.

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