Must-Have Tools for Rolling the Perfect Joint


A good joint can make or break your smoking session. When you’re looking to have the perfect joint each time, you must have the ideal tools to ensure it too. You don’t require much to make a good joint, but you have to ensure you have all the required materials.

You need to have some must-have tools when rolling a joint. So the next time you’re going to a smoke shop, whether online or physical, don’t forget to stock up on them.

Good Joint Papers

The body of your joint is made from rolling paper, and it is the only thing you might not be able to substitute with anything else when rolling a joint. There are many kinds of rolling papers available in the market today, and you can have fun looking through them.

Whether you buy pink or flavored rolling paper, ensure that they’re to your taste. If you want to save money while buying them, look for any deals or promotions that can help you save more and buy more.


There are many types of herbs you can think about putting in your joint. The truth is, you can pretty much put anything that has any smoking value inside your joint. There’s truly no limit to the possibilities, and you can test and try accordingly.

Whether you choose to put a little dash of peppermint in your next joint or anything that’s just as peculiar, you should have it with you. You might forget to put it in the joint if it’s not in front of you, so ensure that you’ve got all your herbs in one place where you can see them.


A grinder can make your mixing process much more manageable. Getting a grinder is ideal when you don’t want to ruin your nails or fingers while crushing herbs. There are various types available in the market today. Whether you’re looking for a cost-effective plastic grinder or something more heavy-duty, please do your research before buying them.

When you’ve got your grinder, ensure that you’ve got your herbs in it and ready to go. Grinding your herbs can take a minute, and once it’s done, you can get started on rolling a joint in no time.

Filter Tip

Having a good filter tip is essential to avoid tar in your lungs as much as possible. You can get ready-made filter tips from online smoke shops or choose to make your own. If you decide to make your own filter, it’s helpful to look through various online tutorials to help you out.

Once you’ve got your tip, you can place it on one end of your joint either while you’re rolling it or after you’re done rolling the joint. Everyone has different ways of rolling a joint, and you might prefer to put the tip in before or after rolling the joint.

Mixing Tray

A mixing tray can make your life much easier for rolling joints. You can spread out your herbs and take out anything that’s not meant to be smoked or will ruin your joint.

There’s no reason to wait once you’ve got all your smoking and joint-making tools! Get started with rolling your joint and having fun and chill smoking sessions with your friends.


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