Murano Glass Vases


Are you looking to buy authentically quilted or mosaic Murano Glass Vases for décor? I suppose you want to buy an original vase handmade by highly skilled glass masters in Murano Island in Venice. Based on the characteristics of these vases, you need special tips to differentiate the authentic from the fake.

Below are a few tips and tricks that will help you identify authentic glass vases when purchasing. So let’s dig in, shall we?

1. Analyze the colors of the vases

Authentic Murano glass comes rich in colors, with each vase uniquely different from the rest. These colors are uniquely layered on each other using a unique technique known as Sommerso. The glass artisans melt minerals to give distinct colors to the transparent glasses. Sometimes, thin shits of gold or silver are added to the glass mass. This creates a beautifully crafted layer of gold or silver in the glassware, making it unique.

2. Look for minor imperfections.

As mentioned in the introduction, Murano Vases are handmade. The glass masters do not use accurate measurements or specialized machines to make these art pieces. This leaves these vases looking a bit asymmetrical or appears to have some slight imperfections. When looking out for an authentic Murano vase, you need to look out for the following:

  • Bubbles trapped in the glass
  • Rough pontil marks on the bottom
  • Same model items varying in size and shape

Murano glass artisans take pride in their skills passed down through generations. Up to date, they still use the same hand tools used by their fathers and grandfathers in the art. The tradition is what makes the art authentic to date.

3. Ask for a certificate of authenticity.

Authentic Murano Vases are only made on the island of Murano in Venice. Every genuine Murano glasswork comes with a certificate of origin document or sticker. This sticker has all the information about the artwork. The information includes its name, the name of the glass master who produced it, and the year it was made.

If you can’t locate a certificate of origin or authenticity, look out for the signature of the glass master on the piece. Every glass master leaves a distinct signature that traces back to their workshop. If a signature traces back to a glass master not in Murano, that’s not genuine Murano glassware.

4. The price of the vases

Murano Vases are not everyday purchase artworks. They are luxury objects made using quality decorations and special techniques that require a lot of patience. For that, these pieces of art are pretty pricy. Some vases are decorated using 24-carat gold, silver leaf, among other expensive minerals. Therefore, cheap Murano vases are likely to be mere imitations of original pieces. Authentic Glass Vases are expensive and uniquely elegant.

5. The reputation of the seller

Whether buying from a website or a physical shop, you want an authentic and reputable seller. You don’t want to trust a seller with a shaky reputation for such a prestigious and costly purchase. If you are to spend a few thousand dollars on a piece of art, you better ensure it’s authentic. Before making a purchase, always do some thorough research on the seller. Many customers leave reviews and comments about the seller that can help you find the ideal seller dealing in authentic Glass Vases. Always make sure that your seller is also certified and there is a way to reach them in case of any questions.

In a nutshell

It’s very easy to be fooled into buying imitations of original Glass Vases. Today, the market is flooded with both cheap and expensive imitations of Murano glass artwork. However, these few tricks will help you minimize the risk of being scammed. You now have an idea of what to look for when you visit that glass shop for an authentic Murano vase.

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