Most common fridge issues


The fridge is one of the most essential components of the home. It keeps the groceries fresh so we can stock up in advance and ensures the wine stays cool until our next dinner party. However, despite all its uses, we never really appreciate it until it starts playing up.

Several things can happen to make your fridge malfunction. It could be something as simple as a build-up of ice in the back of the machine or a complex fan issue that requires you to seek a professional opinion.

Here, we outline the most common fridge issues.

A loss of power

We rely on our fridges to keep our food fresh. Once they stop working, you have a limited amount of time to preserve your produce before it spoils.

Your fridge may not be getting power for several reasons. It could be that the fuse in the plug needs replacing or there’s a fault with a component such as the electric control board or the cold control switch.

If you’re unable to fix the issue yourself and you can’t afford to fund repairs with spare cash, taking a short-term loan could help you call out a professional to get your fridge back up and running. Be sure to check you can afford to make the repayments if you do decide to opt for a loan.

Making a lot of noise

You may hear a gentle humming sound when standing near a fridge, but in general it should run without making much noise. If your fridge begins to make a clanging, rattling, or grinding sound, it’s usually a sign something isn’t quite right.

The best way to resolve the issue is to determine which part of the fridge the noise is coming from or where it is the loudest. This may give you an indication of which part needs repairing, so you can get a professional to look at it.

Fridge leaks

It’s quite common for fridges to have a build-up of condensation inside, which is why there’s a drain at the bottom of the fridge. However, if you notice water pooling, there may be an issue that requires investigation.

Your fridge may be leaking because the drainage hole has been blocked or because there’s a build-up of ice at the back of it, so check these out first before hiring a specialist to investigate the cause.

Temperature issues

Issues with the temperature of your fridge can be extremely annoying. If your fridge has suddenly dropped in temperature, you might find your food has frozen, while a fridge that has risen in temperature will usually result in food going off before it should.

Temperature problems can be caused by issues with the freeze controls or a problem with the circulation fan. If you suspect the issue is related to the fan, it’s important to let a professional investigate the problem as it can be dangerous and complex to deal with.


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