Money-Saving Tips to Improve A/C Efficiency


Air conditioning cools the home when temperatures outside are at their hottest. But, cooling the home using the A/C shoots up the electricity bill. It costs an average of $3.42 per day to cool a home. Many people pay more than the average rate, but, thanks to damaged units or other problems. Use the following tips to improve A/C efficiency in your home and to cut cooling costs.

1. Use a Fan

Ceiling fans cool room temperatures by evenly distributing air throughout the room. Ceiling fans can cool down a room by 10-degrees while reducing A/C dependency. With less A/C dependency, saving 10% or more on cooling costs each month is possible.

2. Close the Blinds

During the day, DotcomBlinds recommends to keep window blinds closed to reduce temperatures inside the home. Sun shines into the house when the blinds are raised, causing the A/C to work harder to cool the home. With the blinds closed, cool air doesn’t escape, and the sun cannot heat the room.

3. Fix the Seals

Window and door leaks account for considerable energy waste in many homes. Cool air seeps out of the home through cracks, holes, and damage in windows and doors. Inspect the home for any cracks or damages that cause cool air seepage. Repair them and make your home more energy-efficient.

4. Install a Programmable Thermostat

Improve efficiency at home with a programmable thermostat. A programmable thermostat allows temperature regulation when you are not at home. You can also use your smartphone to adjust settings on the programmable thermostat remotely.

5. Place the Thermostat in the Right Location

The thermostat location is important. Putting the thermostat near a hot window will cause the A/C to kick on more often than if the thermostat is in a cooler, shaded area of the house. Carefully consider thermostat placement to keep cooling costs low. The room used most often is the best location for the thermostat.

6. Check the A/C Filter

Check the A/C filter each month. Replace the filter when necessary. Dust, dirt, allergens, pollen, etc. accumulate in the filter as they circulate in the home. Replacing a clogged A/C filter ensures the unit isn’t working harder to supply cool air to the home. Replacing air filters is a simple and inexpensive DIY job.

7. Landscaping 101

Rocks, asphalt, and cement on the west and south sides of the home raise temperatures inside the home. Avoid using these materials on unshaded areas of the lawn. Keep shrubbery and plants 3-ft. From the outside A/C unit to ensure proper airflow.

8. Quick Repairs

A/C repair costs over $200, on average, per visit. This may seem like a nice chunk of change, but it is much less than repair or replacement costs if you delay service. Quick repairs also reduce the discomfort from an uncooled home. Hire an AC repair company near you to prevent this mishap.


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