Money-saving tips for decorating your home


Redecorating or changing up your home décor does not have to be expensive or time-consuming. There are a million different tricks you can use to save money and still completely transform your home into a brand-new place. Whether your style is modern and sleek or traditional and vintage or cute, you can also find ways around an expensive renovation.

Renew old furniture

Before you start throwing away all your old furniture, it might be worth considering if it can be salvaged. Not only is it a big money-saving hack to repurpose or reupholster old pieces, but it is also majorly on-trend right now. You can try to refurbish items by yourself or enlist the help of a professional if you are not confident attempting a DIY job. You can find cheap but high-quality material online or check out the best wood waxes and furniture polishes to revive those battered old pieces.

Use paint

The quickest, easiest, and cheapest way to transform a room is with a new lick of paint. You do not need to replace all the furniture or re-floor, simply refresh the walls with a fresh coat or choose a whole new color. If you are really short on time or if your painting skills are somewhat lacking, then you can opt to paint just one wall – a feature wall. A feature wall means you can experiment with brighter or bolder colors that you otherwise would not be confident to try out.

Replace the handles

Changing handles is a great alternative to replacing furniture or doors. Most handles, both on doors and cabinets, are relatively easy to replace and allow you to completely customize your interior. You do not have to settle for the designs or colors that are immediately available to you but mix up the style and colors however you choose.

Shop second hand

Go to thrift stores or buy preloved pieces from eBay, you can find some excellent quality items for a fraction of the price you would pay for them new. Check out flea markets, browse Facebook listings or shop via swap meet sales – these are all great ways to pay less for top quality furniture. This is especially useful for those who prefer vintage or eclectic pieces

Find free supplies

Not only can you find cheaper pieces online, but there are also plenty of free offerings out there. A lot of people will simply give away items they do not want anymore and will just be grateful to have someone take it off their hands. From table lamps to couches, you can find almost anything for free if you really look.

Update the fixtures

People often do not consider their bathroom or kitchen fixtures – by simply changing the cheaper-looking builder grade metal finish to copper or brushed nickel you can quickly and easily update your design without having to fit an entirely new bathroom.

This is another great DIY project that can save you a huge amount of money, just make sure you keep the same fixture style throughout the room so it does not look too hectic.


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