Modern Kitchen Renovation Ideas You Should Try for Your Next Project


Kitchen renovation ideas and trends are endless. There are many ideas you can apply to make that dream kitchen into a reality. There are cheap and expensive renovations, you don’t have to break the bank for an expensive renovation if you have a low budget. Extra creativity that experts in Kitchen Renos in Perth provide can give you that dream kitchen, even on a low budget.

Before any renovation activity, you need to consider some important factors. You may need to analyze on the basis of the general usage of your kitchen, the duration spent in your kitchen, and the style of your house. After considering them, you’ll have a clear picture to decide the final look of the kitchen and let the experts from Allen Kitchens Gold Coast make it a reality.

Renovations can have two outcomes, either they’ll be successful or they won’t. Look out for the do’s and don’ts of kitchen renovation to ensure it’s a success.

Here are some remodeling ideas for a modern kitchen look. And if you are looking for professional kitchen renovation designs to benchmark, ask for assistance from the trusted Veejay’s Renovations Kitchen Remodelling.

  • Open Up the Kitchen

Make your kitchen look spacey, even if it’s small. Opening up the kitchen requires a proper arrangement of furniture and appliances in the kitchen. The arrangement will develop distinct areas for placing and holding appliances, to create more room and convenience in using the kitchen.

A great way of maximizing space is by using open shelves in place of closed cabinets. Open shelves hold more, require less space, and cheap to construct.

  • Redo Your Flooring

There are different flooring options to choose from. The floor might depend on some factors, like the crowdedness in your kitchen and colors and contrast of your kitchen walls.

You may choose may choose from various options that include stone or tile, wood, limestone, cork, and vinyl. If you like colorful floors, vinyl floors will do because they offer a variety of colors and styles. Stone or tile floors are ideal for kitchens with high traffic.


Wood is also becoming more popular in this regard. They feel warm and can withstand stains and traffic. You can do more research to find the right flooring that’ll suit you the best.

Redoing your floor is mostly done when doing a full transformation. Find out the cost of a new kitchen, to help you get started on the right foot.

  • Tiling In Your Kitchen

Make your kitchen lively by adding colorful features and tile backsplashes to create an appealing look. You can use subway tiles, diagonal tiles, laser cut tiles, and some other great tiles to give your kitchen a unique look. You can also add some creativity by customizing the tiles to make the kitchen more exciting.

  • Create a Kitchen Island

A kitchen island is a piece of furniture with a flat top normally placed in the middle of the kitchen. The island can have drawers and cabinets to create more space, and kitchen stools can be placed around it for sitting space.

Kitchen islands, unlike traditional countertops, can be accessed from each side. They are not for preparing food only, they can create more sitting for family and guests and helpful in keeping children close when cooking. This should definitely be in your next renovation plan.

  • Get Modern Countertops

The countertop has a great impact on your kitchen design. There are many trends for countertops you can replace with the old metal countertops. There are many options such as quartz, granite, marble, stainless steel, wood, and recycled glass.

All types are great but quartz countertops are mostly recommended by kitchen designers because they are easy to maintain, don’t stain easily, and are non-porous.

  • Change to Stainless Steel

Give your kitchen a polished look with the shiny look of stainless steel. This is a much cheaper option for small kitchens. They’re simple renovations but contribute a lot in creating a modern look and feel.

The kitchen may be dull because of greasy metals that are prone to stains. Replace the metal surfaces with stainless steel which isn’t prone to stains. Their shiny surfaces can give your kitchen a great modern look.

  • Don’t Ignore the Little Things

Sometimes we focus more on the big changes and forget small changes. Working on the smaller changes may have a huge impact; by giving your kitchen an expensive look in the cheapest way.

Some little things you can change include changing the lighting to a more decent look, painting cabinet doors or replacing them, update your hardware, a new backsplash, and reshaping your storage.

Reshape your storage by developing open shelves with hooks where you can hang utensils. Some creativity will be needed to add a more personalized look to the kitchen.

Bottom Line

Renovations need proper planning, you need to weigh your preferences, have a plan, and set a budget. Take a look at these order of steps for remodeling the kitchen to help you get it right.

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