Modern Black Granite Kitchen Countertop Ideas


Want to transform the kitchen into a fully-functional yet statement area?

If so, black colour countertops can do the magic. The black colour is usually ideal for modern kitchen settings, but that’s not the case. With proper planning and creativity, black counters can amplify the look of a kitchen with any theme.

Be it a traditional kitchen, minimalist, or farmhouse-themed kitchen; a black counter is a surefire way to add beauty to the space. Love to host house parties? Black counters can make the kitchen party-ready without making any effort as they will make the crockery shine and other decorations pop.

However, the material homeowners choose has a significant impact on the overall look.

Among all materials, granite and quartz countertops are all the rage these days. Both materials can cater to several theme requirements as they are available in different colours, finishes, designs, and patterns.

Read more in this article about black quartz countertop ideas.

Opting for granite? If yes, stay tuned to this post. This guide is all about creative black granite countertops kitchen ideas.

Why is granite so popular?

Granite is one of the evergreen countertop materials. When installed in classic colours such as black, white, or other neutral shades, the homeowners don’t need to be bothered about new trends. Further, granite is one of the most durable materials, so it can withstand the stress and pressure of the busiest kitchens.

Let’s explore some of its pros and cons:



Granite countertops are available in large slabs to be installed without any joints. The size of the slab depends on various factors, such as colour. However, for a countertop in L or U shape, homeowners may notice a thin seam which occurs when aligning the angles for a perfect shape. But coloured epoxy sealing products can be used to make the seams almost invisible.

Backsplash options

Backsplashes are both functional and beautiful. Homeowners can pick from a wide range of designs, patterns, and colours complementing their granite cabinets or countertops.

Further, one can use granite as their backsplash. For example, a four-inch backsplash is often found on the top of the counter to protect the wall against water and oil spills. Plus, granite can be used to cover the entire length of the kitchen wall, giving it a modern and clean appearance.

Wide range pricing

A granite can cost around only $30-$60 per square foot. These prices are considerably lower than several other kinds of countertop materials.


Absorbent and porous nature

Granite countertops require proper sealing. If left unsealed or inadequately sealed, granite counters can absorb oil, juice, and other liquids that may leave stains which are quite hard to remove.

Black granite countertops kitchen Ideas

Take a peek at some of the modern kitchen black granite countertops design ideas and why it is perfect for any kitchen:

1. Black granite kitchen countertops with maple cabinets

Want a kitchen with a clear finished rail and shaker style? If so, black granite countertops combined with maple cabinets are definitely an ideal choice. The black has the power to spark any space, and the maple colour adds more interest to it. One can also add metallic handles to the cabinets to make it a more elegant space.

2. Balance of old and new

New and exciting black granite countertops kitchen help create a balance between traditional and beautiful crown moulding with modern light fixtures and stainless steel. It can work as a design detail that one can interpret as equally traditional and modern.

3. Traditional kitchen blue cabinet black countertop

Homeowners looking for a classic kitchen look that will never go out of style can go for traditional blue cabinets with black countertops. This classic combination can give the kitchen a timeless look. Light blue cabinets can also help to create a feeling of spaciousness in a small kitchen. Also, black countertops provide a sleek and elegant contrast to the cabinets. One can also add bright cushions for island seating to add a pop of color to the kitchen.

4. Birchwood

When compared to a black granite countertop and a white wall backsplash, birchwood cabinets’ organic and natural look is unsurpassed.

With neutral colours and softer tone, birchwood is one of the best additions to spruce up the black counters. This option looks really tidy and has an oriental aesthetic.

The high-gloss finish of the white shaker-style cabinets combined with the black granite countertop reflects the light produced by the mosaic backsplash. In addition, dark wood tones can be used in this kitchen to reduce the stark contrast between the white cabinets and black countertop. This makes the kitchen feel cozier and warmer.

5. Play around with timber

Black countertops’ magnificent presence in a room is what people enjoy the most. Absence of brightness in dark counters gives any area a sense of depth and provides a distinctive atmosphere that may transform any kitchen or bathroom from plain to upscale. Add wood cabinets to further enhance the look. It will complement the black countertops and give an illusion of a bigger space.

Another way is to use rustic themed windows and doors to make the kitchen look more interesting.

6. Pair black countertops with white cabinets

Dark granite worktops in the kitchen or bathroom highlight or intensify other colours utilized in the room, which is a significant advantage for most homeowners. For instance, a design that features black in dramatic contrast to white cabinetry is guaranteed to impress both residents and visitors. Plus, homeowners can add stainless steel equipment to give a modern touch to the kitchen space.


For those who prefer natural materials, granite is an excellent choice. It is lovely and reasonably priced. Moreover, one can easily experiment by combining and matching various colours near the granite bathroom counters.

In addition to granite, there are a lot of other materials one can use to decorate a space, such as quartz. It has a very fashionable appearance, and the superb artistry makes it the best option. The best thing is– it’s super sturdy and affordable.


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