Mistakes You Must Avoid When Moving Home


There are a number of different tasks that need to be completed when moving home. It can be very easy to assume that you are going to have a stressful time ahead of you. After all, a lot of people assume that moving home and stress are two things that go together no matter what. However, if you plan and prepare properly, it doesn’t need to be this way. In fact, we are often our own worst enemies when moving home because we create more stress for ourselves. So, with that in mind, read on to discover the mistakes you need to avoid.

Failing to put together an emergency overnight bag – When you pull up your car in your brand new home, are you really going to want to unpack all of those boxes? You have spent all day packaging your things and moving them to your new place. You deserve a bit of rest! However, you will spend all evening rummaging around for your PJs if you do not pack an emergency overnight bag. This should contain all of the things you need for your first evening and the following morning.

Forgetting to change your address – This is another blunder that a lot of people make. You need to call up all companies, including your bank, TV provider, utility providers, and such like, and let them know about your change of address. It is important to note that it can often take businesses between seven and ten working days (sometimes longer) to update your details, so taking advantage of a postal redirect service for the first couple of months comes highly recommended.

Leaving it too late to book a removal firm and storage company – When it comes to booking a company for a moving service, the sooner you do so, the better. These companies get booked up quickly, especially when it comes to prime dates, such as the weekends and bank holidays. Moreover, the longer you leave it, the more expensive it will get. This is because the spots get taken up, so companies naturally put their prices up. You don’t want to be forced into paying more for a date you don’t even want. So as much as possible, book at least a month ahead of your planned relocation. Check out https://whichmanandvan-london.co.uk/ for a quicker search of moving companies near you.

Not measuring furniture in advance – Last but not least, measuring furniture in advance is something that a lot of people skip. After all, there are so many other things to do and so it naturally skips your mind. However, looks can be deceiving, and there is nothing worse than finding that your sofa doesn’t fit in your home!

So there you have it: four of the common moving home blunders people tend to make. Hopefully, you now have a better understanding of what you need to do in terms of preparation and planning if you are moving home. This advice can help to make it a stress-free experience. Make sure you choose a removal company with care, as they will be able to guide and assist you throughout the move to ensure everything goes smoothly.


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