Mistakes To Avoid When You Want To Clean and Drain Blockages


Waste management is one of the top challenges that most homeowners face daily. There are two major types of waste that trouble homeowners; solid and liquid waste. You may have dedicated bins where you dispose of your solid waste. On the other hand, liquid waste must pass through a system until it reaches the sewer line.

These drains are prone to malfunction mostly when the accumulation of solid waste blocks them. The damage that may result from such blockages may be massive, so unblocking them is essential. Some owners end up causing more trouble while trying to unclog such drains. The following are some of the common mistakes that you should avoid when unblocking your drains.

Pushing wires down the drain

Getting a wire and trying to push the dirt that may have clogged your drains may seem like the easiest thing to do. A coat hanger or any other piece of wire may seem like the magic pill to get the drains back in shape. However, such an approach may never work, and you may even create more problems. The wire might push the dirt further into the pipes to areas you cannot reach. Such a wire may end up being stuck, forcing you to redo the entire drainage system or even make the pipes burst. You may also damage your pipes through scratching and lead to liquid waste spills, which eventually leads to water damage.

Overuse of chemicals

There are some good chemicals out there that you can use to drain blockages on your pipes. A simple search on the internet on ‘chemicals to drain blockages’ will give hundreds of options to choose from. Such chemicals will eat away the solid waste and makes it easy to push it down the pipes. However, there is a problem when you use chemicals whose concentration has not been tested. Such chemicals will eat away your pipes, which eventually leads to broken pipes and leaks. Avoid overuse of chemicals but instead use baking soda, vinegar, and hot water to unclog the drains in your compound.

Flushing everything

Water is the most-used cleaning agent in most households. The kitchen sink and the toilet bowl are known to take all the ‘bad’ dirt in a typical home. Turning on your taps to flush down waste seems like the magic pill, especially at high pressure. Never dispose of solid waste through your sink if you have some leftovers after having your meals, as it may end up stuck on the pipes.

The easiest way to dispose of cooking grease may be to drain it on your kitchen sink. However, cooking grease tends to adhere to the drain walls, which restricts the flow of liquid waste. You may also be tempted to flush down hair after shaving through your toilet bowl. However, you should know that hair does not dissolve and is non-biodegradable, which may make your drains to clog. Invest in a shower drain hair catcher to ensure that hair never finds its way to your drains.

Failure to inspect the drain

We live in a busy world where we always seem to be in a rush. You may not even pay attention to your drainage as long as all the waste seems to be flowing as expected. If you are like most people, then pipes and drains will always be an afterthought for home maintenance. There might be no urge to check the drains unless there is some foul smell or clog from the drains. Ensure that you check your drains once per month through simple approaches such as how fast water drains and foul smell.

Failure to use experts

The online world is full of both good and bad people. You should know that not everyone who claims to be an expert in unclogging drains will offer you the services that you deserve. Some ‘experts’ to avoid are those who use untested chemicals or wires to push the drains’ dirt. The ideal company for blocked drain services should use the right approaches, have some good ratings on the web, reliable, and easy to reach. Take your time to shop around because drains can mess up your entire home.

Avoiding the above mistakes will ensure that your drains are in good shape all the time. The good thing is that the approaches all not that technical, which makes it easy for everyone to follow and implement. You should know when to call an expert and when you can fix the mess on your own. 

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