Methods That Can Help You Open the Car If You Locked Your Keys Inside


Locking your keys inside the car is not as rare as you might think. But when it happens, you need to know different solutions to the problem. Most people don’t care to learn the tricks until they’re stranded at some parking or on the road. You might have the option of finding your spare keys or calling a roadside service to help. But what happens in an emergency like your kid being locked inside or you’re running late to an important meeting?

When you know several workarounds to unlock your car without using keys, it’s not going to be a panic affair once you lock yourself out. Here are a few tricks to help you get back in and on the road to your businesses.

Using a Shoestring

Unlocking a vehicle using a string is probably the most common hack. You’re most likely to have a shoelace on you most of the time. You’ll need to tie a loop on a shoestring in a way that you can quickly tighten. Get the string into the car’s interior through the space between the door and the car exterior and hook it on the lock. The next step is to tighten the string around the lock and pull the string to lift the lock-up.

If you’re a newbie to this trick, it may take a few attempts to work it. However, it should work. The problem is, this hack only works on cars with a manual pull lock.

Use a Locksmith Wedge

There are many types of wedges you can use. Examples are plastic, vinyl, wooden, and metal. You’ll have to use the wedge to pull the door to create enough space between the door and the car exterior and insert a thin slim Jim to pull the door’s lock pin. If you can’t access a locksmith’s wedge, you can improvise with a clothes hanger.

When using this procedure, ensure to do it the right way so you don’t damage the weatherstrip. A different way would be to slip a thin metal strip through the weatherstrip and use its end with the hook to clasp the locking mechanism underneath the lock and pull it to release the lock. If you’re not a professional locksmith, it’s advisable to use a wooden wedge. A wooden wedge would easily break when you use excess pressure, but you’d instead break the wedge than scratch the glass window or damage the door’s weatherstrip. It’s advisable to let one of the best local locksmiths take over the task.

Using an Automatic Lock

Using an automatic lock is the easiest and faster way to unlock your car without a key. You’ll need to use a wedging tool to create a gap between the car’s door and exterior. On most occasions, the auto-lock is situated on the driver’s side armrest. In such a case, you can activate it by pressing using a thin metal strip. If it’s located in the central console, you can attach a hook on the metal rod or a clothes hanger to help reach the button to activate the automatic lock.

Use a Tennis Ball

Strange as it may sound, this method has proven to work efficiently. If you don’t have a tennis ball at home, you can buy one at a sporting store. You’ll need to cut a small hole about the size of the keyhole on the tennis ball. If you have a lighter with you, you can use it to burn a hole in the tennis ball. The next step is to press the hole against the keyhole, squeeze the ball several times to create enough air pressure to unlock the door.

Break the Window Glass

This should be the last resort. It’s a fast alternative when you feel like you could be in danger or can’t access a locksmith. You can use a long metal rod or stick to smash the window glass and then use your hands to unlock the door.

Call a Professional Locksmith

To get your car unlocked effectively, seek the help of a locksmith. Locksmiths have the skills to unlock a car using different methods fast and without damages.


Unlocking a car using tools is not an easy task; sometimes, you’ll need to try a few times before it can work. If the situation is not an emergency, it is a good idea to contact a locksmith. If you have no choice but to try the DIY options, do it safely. That being said, feel free to try any of these car unlocking solutions.

Also, remember not to leave your keys in the car.

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