Methods of Checking House Humidity


If you are looking for an easy way to measure humidity in a house, then using a hygrometer can be convenient. It works as an indoor thermometer and humidity monitor. The device gives its readings in percentage, making it easy to understand. During summer, most house’s humidity can go up to 60%, while in winter, it can range from 25-40%.

However, if you don’t have a hygrometer, there are other effective ways of measuring humidity in a house. Indoor humidity is often overlooked, but it can lead to a major health issue if not addressed. Failing to check humidity levels in a house often results to dry skin, cracked woods, and even respiratory problems. 

Therefore, it is essential for you to learn how to measure the humidity levels in the house for enhanced living standards. However, there are very many humidifiers to use in the market.

Here are a few basic ways to measure humidity in your home without spending too much.

Wet And Dry Bulb Temperature Test

The wet and dry bulb test is one of the most efficient ways of making a homemade hygrometer. The name is derived from the use of dry-bulb and wet-bulb thermometers and the temperatures they produce.

A wet-bulb thermometer is a standard thermometer that uses moist or wet cloth wrapped around the thermometer’s bulb or bottom. On the other hand, the dry-bulb thermometer is a simple but standard thermometer. The difference between these tests is that with a dry-bulb thermometer, the temperature is standard air, while with a wet-bulb, the temperature is known as adiabatic saturation temperature.

The adiabatic saturation temperature can be said in simple words that it’s the temperature that water evaporates into the air. In other words, it’s the correspondence of temperature when the water evaporates from the wet-bulb.

To use this method, you will require to identify a room where you will check the humidity levels. Ensure the room has a fan that is set facing the direction where you will place the thermometer. After having set your fan appropriately, the second step is to two standard mercury thermometers. Give the thermometers a good shake until all the mercury is moved to the bulb on each thermometer. 

You will also require to cover the build with a damp, wet cloth but not dripping wet. This will act as the wet-bulb thermometer in your experiment. For better results, ensure to sock your piece of cloth in room temperature water to immediately avoid changing your thermometer readings. 

Place both thermometers at a place where you can feel the air blowing in the room. Keep the fan running for at least five minutes. Then, on both thermometers, check the temperature difference after the water droplets have taken place. 

Write down your findings to help you find the actual humidity levels in the room. However, you will require to substruct the wet-bulb temperature from your findings to get the right humidity measure. 

The Ice Cube Method

This method is super simple and will give you an estimation of the room’s humidity levels. Unlike the dry and wet-bulb method, where you need thermometers, this will only require you to have a glass of water and a few ice cubes. Fill your glass with water in 2-3 ice cubes, then let it rest for about four minutes. After four minutes, check your glass and see how it has become. If your findings you get the glass have formed condensation or dripping on the outside, your room humidity levels are too high. However, if you don’t see any dripping or condensation forming, this could mean your indoor humidity is too low. 

However, with this method, you will require to select a convenient and doest room vapor. For instance, if you use this method in the kitchen, the vapor from cooking can alter your results. Additionally, placing the glass in a room where there is excess movement can also affect the results. Therefore, it is recommended to put the glass in an empty room.

Look For Other Signs

If you don’t feel like doing all the listed experiments or don’t have the time, you should not limit your ability to check humidity levels in your house. Change in humidity has significant signs that are quite visible if you look for them. 

To check for low humidity in a room, you can start with planting flowers in a vase. If you get home every time you notice that you are required to refill the water, this could be a sign your room has low humidity levels. Alternatively, if you notice that you get shocked every time you touch your doorknob, this could also be an indicator that your room humidity is relatively low.

On the other hand, when you notice there is so much moisture on the inside of your windows and door, the inside of your room has a high humidity level. However, while looking at the windows, if the only window or door that is moist is one at the bathroom, then the problem could be as a result of something else. Therefore, it is essential to check on other room’s windows in the room to be sure that the problem is humidity-related. Therefore, you will require to come up with a mechanism that will help evaluate the level of humidity and regulate it to the appropriate level. 

How to regulate humidity levels in a room

If your home has a problem maintaining a flat rate in terms of humidity, you will require improvising tactics that will help regulate the humidity levels. The most common and favorable method of regulating and monitoring the humidity levels in a room is investing in a humidifier. The device guarantees to keep your room within the best humidity levels all the time.

 If you get the right brand and size, it gives you reliable information when your humidity levels go down or high. Other models even can turn on or off automatically depending on current readings in the house.

Final Thoughts

Keeping your home humidified is a simple way of declaring good health and life in your home. It gives you an assurance that even when the weather is not favorable, you still stand a chance to experience greatness. Humidified air helps moisturize your air hence giving you confidence while breathing. It also helps to keep your skin moisturized, which in return enhances your beauty and inner growth. 

When choosing an easy way to check the humidity level in your house, ensure to focus on one that works best for you. With so many options available, it is ideal for focusing on the ones that will not stress you both physically and financially. This way, you will measure the humidity levels and plan effective ways to regulate based on your ideal humidity level.

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