Metal Roofing vs. Shingle Roofing Pros and Cons

Time for a new roof! The savvy 21st-century homeowner wants sustainability and durability in their construction. While older homes have traditional asphalt shingles, contemporary metal roofing provides cost-effectiveness and energy efficiency. Click here to learn more about metal roofing and eco-friendly construction.

Both metal roofing and shingles provide reliable roofing options for your home. But you might have questions like “Is metal roofing fire resistant?” or “Can you walk on a metal roof?”. Metal roofing remains the most popular roofing style for this decade. Why?


Metal roofing has these key 10 benefits:

  1. Metal roofing lasts for 50 years or more
  2. Enjoy little maintenance over the lifespan of your roof
  3. Install metal roofing over your older roof
  4. Save costs in labor and human error during quick installation
  5. Recycle your metal roof
  6. Metal is made of recycled materials
  7. Superior energy efficiency
  8. Metal roofing is fire resistant
  9. Enjoy cooler temperatures in the summer and warmer insulation in the winter
  10. Withstands harsh weather like hail, hurricanes, and lightning storms

metal roof only needs minimal maintenance
Unlike traditional roofing, a metal roof only needs minimal maintenance. If you install your metal roof with a trusted professional, your new roof will last over half a century or more. Traditional roofs, especially those in harsh climates, need constant maintenance and last only fifteen years. While conventional roofing has a lower upfront cost, if you plan on living in your home long-term, you will save thousands if you opt for metal roofs.

Both metal roofing and traditional shingles have a wide variety of aesthetic options. Choose from any paint color and style to meet your unique tastes. Enjoy any finish option you desire. Metal roofs can mimic tile, wood shakes, shingles, and slate. Additionally, choose from a variety of materials like steel, aluminum, zinc, or copper. East Coast Victorian, American Craftsman, Tudor, or contemporary – you will find the perfect roof to fit your home.


You may have heard of several common myths about a metal roof like excessive noise or high cost. While shingle roofs cost less upfront, over time, they need replacement three or four more times than metal. Additionally, metal roofing saves hundreds of dollars in energy, heating, and cooling costs.

Are you concerned about noise? Ask your contractor about installing additional insulation. Contemporary design keeps noise to a minimum, especially with high-quality installation. Another concern may be color-matching. Speak with your installer about any of your concerns.

Are metal roofs durable? Do they dent? Most contemporary metal roofing panels and shingles can withstand harsh weather conditions like sleet and hail. And yes, you can walk on a metal roof without damaging it. However, the panels may be slick. Be sure to wear a safety harness to protect yourself.

Asphalt shingles often fly away during high winds, and the wood is susceptible to mold, termites, and rot. During a wildfire or lightning storm, a traditional roof may catch fire. Metal is fire resistant, further protecting your home and family. Ask your designer about which materials are best for your climate and weather.

Enjoy this attractive upgrade to your home. Conserve energy. Save money. And enjoy decades of security, safety, and beauty.