Maximalist Interior Design 101: What Makes This Style So Special


We have all heard the saying by now that, “less is more”. Well, sometimes less is more, but there are times when more is definitely, more. 

If you enjoy a maximalist interior decorating style you understand the concept. This is not a new design, but a recurring theme in the interior decorator scene, and it has been around for literally centuries. 

For those of you who are new to maximalist interiors, continue reading below for a quick definition of the term. 

The Basics

Popular colors come and go in the interior design world as well as styles. Currently the maximalist interior style is making a comeback. Think about your favorite things. All of your favorite things. Say you have eclectic or varied interests when it comes to art, collections, rugs, furniture, and hobbies. Couple that with the fact that you think that all colors are beautiful. Now take everything you love and display it all at once. 

If that sounds like chaos, it could be if not done properly. The trick to maximalist interiors design style is organization. It can be achieved in anyone’s space with some planning and careful display. And remember, your room has more than four walls to display items, if you count the floor and the ceiling.  

Patterns And Textures

If you are a fan of using plaid and floral patterns together on your furniture it will fit right in. Having a variety of textures and patterns are not only visually appealing, but from a tactile standpoint interesting as well. A classically striped couch with floral wing chairs make for beautiful seating arrangements. Now add a bear skin rug to the floor for texture. You are on your way.

Color Scheme

If you love all the colors of the rainbow and can’t pick just one try picking a set of colors, like jewel tones. With maximalist interiors you don’t have to stay with boring white walls or pastels if emerald greens and violets speak to you. Unsure still? Refer to a color wheel for secondary and tertiary colors. 

Display Pieces

If you enjoy collecting, consider the space that you will be displaying your favorite finds. If you have a very large space try to put something that will fill the area visually. If you have a lot of small display objects for instance thimbles, use something like a curio to group them together. Mount mirrors or paintings in pleasing displays. You can hang your favorite rug on the wall if it works better for you. As long as there is order to your displays with good placement   

Eclectic Joy

When you are decorating in maximalist style you will be able to use a variety of patterns and textures. Whatever colors you choose, and however you display your favorite items, the biggest factor is that it should make you happy and be comfortable. Over the years you are sure to find more new and interesting morsels to add to your treasure trove. 

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