Make Your Perfect Home Gym With These 5 Tips

When you’re thinking about a home gym, there are a few things that you might want to add so that you can get the best experience. It’s certainly true that your basement makes for a great home gym, but of course, most people aren’t just going to add some weights and have that be the end of it. It’s much more common for people to want to create the gym of their dreams. Here are a few ways to create your perfect home gym more effectively.

1. Think About Basement Health First

The health of your basement is always key when you’re planning to make something new and exciting in there. If your basement is too humid, for example, and you put home gym equipment down in the humid basement, it could grow mold, which definitely isn’t good for your exercises or for your home health.

2. Protect Your Basement Floors

This is mostly important if you’re planning to do a lot of deadlifting, but no matter what type of exercising you’re interested in, protecting your basement floors is a crucial part of being able to do it effectively. By protecting your basement floors, you can make sure that you’re able to exercise without thinking about whether or not your floors will be safe.

3. Think About the Installation Process

The actual installation process of the items you add to your home gym is definitely important to think about. If you have a narrow door into the basement, for example, you need to make sure that everything you’re going to set up in the home gym will fit through that door.

4. Add Baseboard Heat

Most of the time, raw basement floors are very cold because they absorb cold from the outside through the concrete. However, you don’t have to just grin and bear it. There are plenty of flooring systems that can add heat to your baseboards, making it much easier for you to exercise with bare feet in your basement.

5. Utilize Your Home’s Structural Strength

Structural strength isn’t always something you have to think about when you’re setting up a home gym, but if you’re hanging something up or in any way using the ceiling, it’s something you might need to think about. For example, anyone who’s planning to exercise with pole dancing, aerial acrobatics, or boxing needs to make sure that the home has enough structural strength to handle these add-ons wherever you want to put them.


A basement can be an amazing place for a home gym. After all, home gyms typically need their own place, which basements can certainly provide. However, a basement does also need some preparation before it can become the perfect home gym. If you want the best experience for a basement home gym, you need to manage that preparation early on. Think about your basement needs before you go planning your home gym; your eventual workout regimen will definitely thank you