Make the right choice with these 7 things to know about plantation shutters


While we know that the benefits of plantation shutters for a house are many, one should know what to look out for when they are shopping for plantation shutters. On not knowing these, there are possible chances of buying a not-so-suitable shutter for your windows which may turn out to be something that you may regret. So here are seven things that you need to know when you are shopping for plantation shutters –

1. Material of the product

Being one of the top priorities in the list of things to look out for while buying plantation shutters, the materials generally used for making shutters are – MDF Composite Wood, ABS/Poly Resin, and so on. You could also go on to choose from premium woods like Phoenix Wood and Basswood.

2. Slat size

The louvers’ or slats’ width would be something that should be observed and inspected before buying the shutters. The models these days come in – 2 ½ inches, 3 inches, 3 ½ inches, 4 ½ inches, and more. Depending on the window and which outlook would be suitable, one could choose the appropriate model.

3. Control of tilt

The tilting of the louvers needs to be checked by the buyers. This factor may sometimes be very hard or very light to tilt, which may, in turn, affect the usage of plantation shutters. The trend these days is automated louvers to set a specific time, and the louvers would open or close according to the settings. Look out for the features of the shutter before buying it. If you are going for a manually operated shutter, you can choose between single rod or multiple rods or hidden rods or split rods based on how the users want to use it.

4. Suitable frame style

The frame for the shutter should be chosen appropriately based on the type of window and how the frame matches the window. It is a crucial decision to fit and mount the plantation window shutter from the outside or inside. This frame owes its mounting type decides how the users can control the light entering the room.

5. Colour of the shutter

The buyers could go for shutters with plain and simple colors or custom designer shutters. The shutter color should match the color of the walls, which provides a more elegant outlook for the house. Based on the color, the outlook can be modern or traditional. This approach should be specified while ordering the plantation shutters with the seller.

6. No compromise on the quality

Make sure to go for plantation shutters that are of high quality and would be long-lasting. Consider this as a one-time investment and buy the shutters with no compromise on the quality. With poor-quality shutters at cheaper rates, you would need to keep spending on repair and damage control expenses. Also, look out for the shutters that have been tested before the sale, for it assures the best quality for the users.

7. Simple installation process

Certain shutters may cost you very little for the installation with not much manpower involved. It is recommended that you keep in mind the type of complexity that is involved in the installation process of the plantation shutters before actually buying the shutters.

Therefore, these are important points to keep in mind before and while buying a plantation shutter. It is an investment that is going to brighten up and add beauty to your house. So, with all this information, I hope the right choice is made!!


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