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Looking for a bed which is a bit more narrow and longer? Then you must try California King beds which are available in different types. It is a kind of bed which gives a traditional look. This bed is larger by both width and length and is manufactured with premium quality materials.

Types of designs of California King Bed –

There are various kinds of attractive designs available in these beds which will drive you crazy. The types of designs are –

  • Damon Stone California King Upholstered Platform Bed – this bed has a lofty and tufted headboard so that the people sitting on it have eased on resting their backs on it. The frame is versatile and is available in many modern designs. The sides of the bed have a very distant look, and the upholstery is greyish. The style of the bed is contemporary and the material is MDF with Veneer.
  • Leighton California King Upholstered Platform Bed – it is a type of storage bed where you can store things according to your preference. Also, it has fashionable looks. The materials used in this bed are Fabric, MDF, Solid Wood, and Foam. The style is contemporary is the mattress is of the normal type. Forgiving a feel of relaxation the headboard of the bed is stuffed with foam and looks like a nice solid cushion. The frame of this bed is made up of steel which makes this bed very strong.
  • Sophia California King Upholstered Platform Bed – this bed has nailhead accents. This bed increases the beauty of your room. The style is contemporary and the material used is Fabric, MDF, Solid Wood, and Foam.
  • Damon Stone California King Upholstered Platform Bed with Storage – you can store anything under this bed because it comes with huge storage capability. It has a lofty headboard that is comfortable and upholstered.
  • Mariah California King Upholstered Panel Bed – this bed has the grandest look and makes your room look fantastic. It has a huge headboard which is made up of materials of premium grade.
  • Dean Sand California King Upholstered Panel Bed – this bed comes in silhouette design which gives this bed a modern look. Forgiving luxurious look this bed is available in two which has a tailored design.
  • Orson Graphite California King Panel Bed – this bed has a minimalist look and has a steel frame which is very much sturdy. Forgiving the sleek look to the bed it is colored with gunmetal color. The material used in this bed is steel which makes this bed strong.
  • Knox California King Metal Panel Bed – this bed has a vintage look and the frame of the bed is made up of steel which satin black. This bed has a simple look and is durable.
  • Kenneth California King Upholstered Panel Bed – this bed has a chic look and the platform bed frame of this bed comes in a retro look. For having clean sidelines this bed has tapered legs.
  • Magnolia Home Trellis California King Panel Bed – this bed will give you a charming vintage look. The bed is made up of strong metal and the headboard of this bed is very high. Many vertical and horizontal elements are also attached to this bed.

While purchasing California King Bed you need to keep certain things in your mind like –

  • The materials which are used in manufacturing such beds should be of premium quality. The material should also be resistant so that it eliminates any sort of harmful termite infections.
  • The bed you are choosing should have the capability of accommodating many people, otherwise, it is not worth buying such big beds.
  • Make sure that the bed of affordable rate so that it satisfies your demand.

Advantages of having California King Bed –

  • Best suited for tall peoples – tall people always face issues like feet sticking out of the bed, head hitting the headboard, and not feeling comfortable. Then this bed is the best suited for them because it is 6 feet tall and it also gives extra length to their feet and head. The person will be able to sleep at night peacefully without making any adjustments.
  • Looks attractive in long rooms – always make sure the shape and size of the room where you want to fit in the bed before buying it. These types of beds are best suited in long rooms so that the maximum space of the room can be equipped by the bed.
  • Best suited for a single sleeper – this bed gives you luxury and space and you can enjoy sleeping alone.

Difference between the king and California King Bed –

Difference between the king and California King Bed

Many people think that both are the same, but it is not the reality. The king bed is an ideal choice for those who man tide space. The pros of having a king bed are that it is the widest option available can be fitted in the most common room size, and you can easily buy accessories for this bed. This bed is the priority for those who want more width and less length in a bed.

On the other hand, the California king bed is best for those who want extra space, and the best suited for tall people. This bed looks best when the room size is large, and cannot be fitted into small rooms. If you want a bed that has more length and less width then this bed is best suited for you.

So, if you were looking for a luxurious large-size bed then this is one of the best choices you can ever make. You will get the desired comfort and it will give you a luxurious look. You will never switch on to another product if you once buy this bed. The cost is also not high everyone can easily afford it.  Before buying any bed you should consider some things like edge support, firmness, a material used in the manufacturing of bed, and the size of the mattress.

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