Love Thy Cat: Give Them CBD Cat Treats And Teach Them Tricks

As we most know it, cats are adorable kind of creatures that require far less maintenance to take care of. A lot of families all over the world have cats as their domestic pets. This type of animal is jumpy and playful when they’re young, but as they get older, they give impressions to humans that they are independents and can survive even if left for days in your home (I’m not saying you should, though!).

Cats are natural predators and can make your house pest-free. Like the show Tom and Jerry, cats like to catch mice, thus, having a cat makes home life convenient for you as you can see more here. Of course, cats can do tricks as well besides sleeping, knowing where their litters are, and eating. Here are some fun tricks you could teach you cats with:

  • Shake their paws – indeed cats have cute paw prints, lift one of their paws gently indicating to shake your hands with.

  • Fetch things – yes, like dogs, cats can do this too. Animals find it fun to catch things and run after them. Take a toy that’s favorite of your cat and simply throw it away. That way, your cat will surely chase it.

  • Do a spin – this is just simple by just pointing your finger towards the ground and making a circle, do it your way – you can choose from left to right or counterclockwise. If this trick does not go with your cats, try to hold a treat for them.

  • Simply roll over – c’mon all animals can do this. All you need to do is guide them on how to do it with the use of your fingers.

  • Jump – cats are natural jumpers, you might be surprised how high they could jump to go to your neighbor’s roof.

  • Sit pretty – well they are so adorable enough that you could teach your cat how to stay still and look pretty. Quite a trick, isn’t it?

While training or teaching your cats for tricks, make sure to give them a treat after doing it. It looks fun for both of cat-owners and the cat itself to learn of it.

What Is CBD In The First Place?

Many people are drawn interested in trying CBD-based products. But what is it? Does it make you or your pets high? Will it be addicting?

No, gladly CBD will not make you high because it has a low-level of THC content in it. CBD or called Cannabidiol for a longer word is one of the hundreds of elements found in the extracts of a hemp plant. Cannabidiol is an anti-psychoactive ingredient that makes it different from Tetrahydrocannabinol.

Now, what is Tetrahydrocannabinol? It is rather known as THC and is a sibling of Cannabidiol out of hundreds of it. You can visit this website to read more:

Excessive usage of THC in a product can make the consumer fly in the sky with its psychoactive ingredient and might cause addiction. This particular element can be found strongly in a marijuana plant. Although marijuana and hemp came from the same family of plants – Cannabis Sativa, the government finally gave people a law to legally use hemp plants.  Don’t ever get this wrong, marijuana is still an illegal plant to use in the state. Check to know about different varieties of CBD oil available for cats.

How Can Bodies Take CBD?

How Can Bodies Take CBD

The endocannabinoid system or known as ECS is a complex cell-signaling system. It works in our bodies as regulators that are responsible for functions such as sleeping, having an appetite to eat, and use of our memory, responsible for our moods, reproduction, and fertility. Like humans, all animals like cats also have ECS, so they can also absorb CBD in their systems. Amazing, right?

ECS is composed of three core components which are the receptors, enzymes, and endocannabinoids. Receptors are responsible for your nervous systems. Enzymes are the ones who are responsible for breaking down endocannabinoids once these elements already functioned out their purpose in your body. While endocannabinoids are the molecules produced by your body and help keep your internals functions smoothly.

Stress Pay Off With Adorable Pets

Cats are one of the clever animals that had been existed on earth. These cute feline guys could lessen your stress and can lessen your allergies for furs as well. Research shows that kids that are often having allergies can be lessened by having a cat as a pet. This type of animal doesn’t have any problems on earth because they could be independent even without the care of humans.

They are not pricey to have as a pet because of their small bodies that can only consume little food and lovely furs that don’t need too much grooming. Cats can just sleep for more or less 15 hours a day especially when they get bored. Though they are not like dogs who make you guilty for leaving them behind for work at your homes, cats will just give you an impression of “Go human so I could have the house all to myself”.

Treats For A Good Pussycat

It is good to bring them to veterinarians every once or twice a month, to ensure their health. These feline animals can also be prone to illnesses. Bathe them to ensure cleanliness and give them a favorite toy as well, so they could have some bit of fun in their lives. Play with them and offer them treats with CBD-based so they could also enjoy the benefits of Cannabidiol in their bodies!