Looking To Renovate Your Bathroom? Glass Shelves Is the Way to Go!


Are you planning to modernize your bathroom? Do you want to add an attractive atmosphere that is soothing and relaxing? If so, have you thought about installing glass shelves in your bathroom? A bathroom is incomplete without shelves, which play a huge role in expanding the space available, increasing storage and decoration. Glass shelves have progressively been used in modern homes due to their benefits. Glass shelves are an excellent option when you are looking to add more storage to your bathroom. They can also be an easy and pleasing alternative to wooden shelving. For instance, the benefits of glass shelving over wood shelving is that glass is transparent and thus, glass shelves brighten up dark corners, which are common when using wooden shelves in bathrooms.

You do not need to worry about the fitting of glass shelves into your bathroom even if the space available is limited. Glass shelves can be cut to fit any corner of your bathroom, whether the shelves are corner-specific or quadrilateral shelves that sit in a corner. You have the ability to customize the glass shelves according to the space that is provided in your bathroom. Glass bathroom shelves supplement a lovely component in any space provided. The main aim of adding glass shelves, even in limited spaces is to serve their purposes, which might be a decoration, expanding storage and space.

Uses of Glass Shelves in the Bathroom


Glass Shelves in the bathroom are an ideal setup for beautifying your bathroom. The utilization of glass shelves is one of the best approaches to supplement the desired enhancement to a dull bathroom. There is a wide range of bathroom glass shelves, from simple transparent glass to tinted and patterned glass shelves. You have the capability to customize your glass shelves to any designs you desire to make your bathroom have an aesthetic atmosphere. In short, glass shelves improve the view of items placed on the shelves due to their reflective nature and also generate a visual appeal that the items appear to float on the wall.

Glass shelves are perfect for adding extra storage for a bathroom with limited space. The manufacturing of glass shelves is usually based on safety and durability and thus the glass material used for bathroom shelves is capable of storing almost all the equipment you need in your bathroom. If you have any materials you need to store in your bathroom, then you can customize glass with supplemented thickness and sizes.

Glass shelves are also best for expanding small bathrooms with limited spaces. They are perfect for brightening up rooms and making them appear well-lit with an appealing atmosphere. The light reflected by bathroom glass shelves makes the small bathroom appear bigger. You can also customize the desired shape of the glass you need for your bathroom. This means that you can twist the size of your bathroom by selecting different types of glass shelves such as triangular and quadrant shapes, which also provide you with more storage spaces.

Types of Glass Bathroom Shelves 

One of the best reasons for using glass bathroom wall shelf is that there are many different types and uses of glass shelves. Glass is considered to be a stylish and ingenious solution that supplements an attractive touch in the bathroom. Crystal clear and customized glass shelves can be used to highlight bright and white bathrooms. For a modern look, you can use decorative tints and patterns on your glass shelves. It is good to remember that there are many types of glass shelves and not all glass has the same qualities. Therefore, when you are ordering your bathroom glass shelves, the main different types of customized glass shelves include tempered and annealed glass shelves.


You can customize both the tempered and annealed glass shelves to your desired shapes and design. When choosing between the two, you should be aware that tempered glass types are more resilient than annealed glass types. Therefore, their strength makes them be more durable than annealed glass types. However, tempered glass types are more expensive than annealed due to their durability. Both glass types are prone to breakage and thus, should always be handled in care. Tempered glass types break into many small pieces when wrecked and they generally don’t crack. However, annealed glass types are not considered safety glass types for bathroom shelves. They do not fragment into small pieces and if broken they crack into debris making them difficult to dispose of.

Standard Thickness and Sizes for your Glass Bathroom Shelves 


The standard thickness of both tempered and annealed glass types is “3/16”, “1/4”, “3/8” and “1/2”. For extra resilience and durability, the recommended thickness for your bathroom shelves should be 6mm to 19mm. Their normal sizes can exceed up to “60 X 96” and can be customized in almost any shape you desire. The normal sizes do not match the thickness of glass and thus, can resemble a huge number of highly standardized and tolerable sizes.

Cleaning Tips


Having dirty bathroom glass shelves can make a clean bathroom to look filthy. Dirty glass shelves can also make your bathroom to appear dull since the dirt on the shelves blocks light from being reflected other parts of the bathroom. There are various approaches to cleaning glass shelves.

You can begin by wetting the bathroom shelves with water from bathroom taps or shower. You can fill a sprayer with vinegar and use it to soak the glass shelves.

You should let the vinegar saturate for an estimated 1o minutes to avoid a substantial buildup of foam. The vinegar dissolves hard water stains and soap scum on the glass shelves.

Dip a sponge into baking soda and use it to brush the glass. The baking soda acts as a coarse material used to remove stained elements on the glass shelves.

Your glass shelves should be clean after using the vinegar and baking soda to wash off the dirt. You can then rinse off with fresh water once you are satisfied that all stained dirt has been washed off.

Dry the glass with a lint-free cloth, the most preferred cloth type is cotton-made or microfiber cloths. You can then use a glass cleaner to polish the glass and make it look shiny.


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