Lice: Natural Treatments and Remedies?


When it comes to treating lice, there are several techniques that you could try. Although there is a huge variety of shampoos and other items that are specifically manufactured for treating lice but people tend to prefer using natural treatments and remedies. It might be the reason being that people are always conscious about hair. Applying shampoos that contain chemicals might damage them.

However, on the other hand, science has yet to conclude whether natural treatments and remedies work. People have tried and tested certain natural remedies to help their kids get rid of lice and most of them have worked. Therefore, it is evident that the treatment of lice does lie in natural remedies but it is all about which one works for you. Follow us as we share homemade natural remedies for you to get rid of lice the best way possible.

Anise Oil

To begin with, Anise oil happens to be one of the most effective natural treatments for lice in kids. It is known to coat and suffocate lice. Furthermore, a study conducted in 2018 on natural remedies for lice in children also found Anise oil an effective product for lice treatment. Although, the research consisted of other natural remedies as well but Anise oil was one of the two items that helped get rid of lice permanently. At the same time, people who have used other natural remedies have complained about infestations but with Anise oil, it is highly unlikely that they are returning.

Olive Oil

Olive oil is known to provide many benefits. However, people are not aware that one of the advantages offered is lice treatment. Olive oil acts similar to anise oil, coating and suffocating the lice. It was also a part of the research conducted in 2018 on natural remedies for lice and was found to be a highly effective item for eliminating lice. Furthermore, olive oil could be applied on a regular basis on hair and scalp to prevent dryness and improving hair health. It is readily available at grocery stores and does not carry any side effects.

Coconut Oil

Coconut oil is often used for dry hair and skin. However, research conducted in 2010 compared several natural head lice treatment with products that are available over the counter. Coconut oil was a part of the experiment and was found to be the only effective treatment. Moreover, it was observed that with 4 hours of coconut oil application, 80% of the lice were dead. On the other hand, effective medicated shampoos that were being compared were able to kill 97.9% and 90.2% of lice. Considering that coconut oil is a natural product, its percentage of lice killed is impressive.

Tea Tree Oil

Many people are not aware of a thing such as tea tree oil. The fact of the matter is that tea tree oil has been used for centuries to help tackle several skin conditions and in fact, there is very effective tea tree oil for dental pain that you can also use. It is a powerful antimicrobial agent that helps prevent many skin diseases as well. A research study conducted in 2010 on 42 people, featured a blend of tea tree oil and lavender oil. The participants were provided weekly treatments for three weeks with intervals.

As the experiment ended, it was observed that 41 participants had successfully gotten rid of lice. Considering its super impressive results, it would only be right to compare it with several over the counter available products. However, some studies have found tea tree oil to cause irritation as well. Some users have complained about developing rashes or itchiness upon usage.

Neem Oil

Similar to tea tree oil, Neem oil has also been found effective against lice. Not only does it disrupt the lifecycle of the louse but acts as a natural repellent as well. Luckily, over the counter products that consist of neem oil are also available. Moreover, you could separately purchase neem oil and add 8 to 10 drops to your regular shampoo. Leave the oil for around 15-20 minutes to settle in. However, prepare yourself for the awful smell.


Vinegar is amongst the most common products found in every household. The good news is that you can use it to treat lice problems in your child’s hair. Grab distilled vinegar and gently apply it over your child’s hair. Allow it to settle in for a while. Then, rinse his/her hair thoroughly with plain water. After you are done washing the hair, use coconut oil to comb his/her hair so that the dead lice and nits are easily removed. Coconut oil tends to smoothen the hair and skin. Therefore, while combing you would want to be patient and the hair to be smooth instead of using the pulling and pushing action causing hair damage.


Garlic is yet again another popular ingredient found in foods. People may love it but lice hate it. If you are using garlic to treat lice, be rest assured that you are going to kill them. There is simply no way for them to escape this death trap. Grind 6-8 garlic cloves and add them into lime juice to create a paste. Mix them together properly and then apply it to your child’s hair. Let it sit for around 30 minutes and then proceed with rinsing the hair thoroughly with warm water.

Petroleum Jelly

Petroleum Jelly may not be desirable produce when it comes to treating lice but it is an effective lice deterrent. It is a greasy product that takes a bit of an effort to remove but it surely stops lice in their tracks. Apply a thick layer of petroleum jelly on your child’s scalp. Make sure that you hold it in place by placing a towel or a shower cap. Let it rest overnight. Upon waking up in the morning, use a soft comb and coconut oil combination to remove the dead nits and lice.

Final Word

As the article reaches its conclusion, the above mentioned natural remedies will surely help you get rid of lice. However, it is important that you follow the application directions carefully as well. Ignoring or underestimating the methods of applying is the main cause of reinfestations. Natural remedies take time and patience to work, therefore, avoid doing things in a hurry.

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