LED light panels and their advantages


LED light panels are slim and sleek light fixtures designed specifically for modular grid ceilings. Traditionally troffer light fixtures have been highly employed in office spaces to fulfill the lighting requirements.but as the world has progressed they have failed to keep up with the trends and needs of today’s world.

The first and foremost requirement of any office space is a lighting infrastructure which also facilitates the people working in that area by positively impacting their health and productivity. So, if you are looking for the best-LED light panel, then you must check out metroled.com as they offer a wide range of LED lights that suit your needs.

Structure of LED panel lights


The frame is made up of up aluminum and available in the variation of die-cast aluminum. It is highly resistant towards external harsh factors like dust, chemicals, water. The frame supports the plates and works as a housing for a fixture.

Grid plate

The grid or guide plate houses the LEDs. The arrangement of LEDs on the plate determines the type of light which is projected out of the fixture.

Reflector plate

The reflector plate is arranged right in front of the guide plate as the light from LEDs hit the reflector plate from where it undergoes total internal reflection.


The diffuser is placed in front of the reflector plate or the lens work as a diffuser. It creates a uniform lighting pattern


The lens is the outermost part of the fixture and it directs the light out of the fixture. In most cases wherever panels are installed there’s a need for directional lighting to avoid glare and to highlight certain features of the room.

Advantages of installing LED Panel lights

LED flat panel lights are structured to facilitate the modern day lighting requirements. These are quite sleek fixtures which attune to the environment’s need and create a pleasant atmosphere while occupying very little space.

A panel light fixture is barely 10mm-100mm thick and it is just as bright as any other high end light fixture. They are available in various sizes and due to their exceptional features they can be transformed in any shape to cater to the needs of the place they are installed in.

Few advantages of installing LED panel lights are:

1. Directional way of lighting

The panel light fixture is equipped with state of the art design features. Even though a flat panel light is generally used for downlighting, it is equipped with lenses which can direct the light at any level. Which effectively enhances visibility and distributes light in a controlled pattern.

This is highly important in task oriented spaces like offices where the biggest concern is having glare free light which does not disrupt the usual pace and productivity of the environment.

2. Higher lumen output

LED flat panel lights have the highest level of illumination due to their exceptional design. They are powerfully bright and highly effective in both open or closed spaces. The panel lights with high lumen output reduces the cost factor when it comes to creating a lighting layout.

Despite the higher light output they are able to produce very little heat and keep the temperature of the environment quite regulated even during summers. Even at extreme temperatures the fixtures barely malfunction.

3. Ambient lighting

LED panels are highly customisable, they are the milestone for LED technology. These panels can be installed in a number of places to achieve the right kind of ambience. The ambience is achieved by having a light which complements the indoor space (colour, furniture, use). These panel lights are available in different colour temperatures measured on a Kelvin scale ranging from 2500K to 6000K. The spectrum produces warm yellow, yellow, bright yellow, white, cool whte and daylight like light.

4. Customisable panels

The panel has several advantages over traditional fixtures which are available in a certain specification only. Whereas panel light fixtures are customisable to suit the need of any space. They can be warped in any shape or size without compromising on quality of light.

The panel light fixture can be installed in spaces with less overhead space, or places with tricky architecture where every other fixture fails to comply because of their design features.

Most flat panels are available in different shapes like circular, square and rectangular all for different usages.

5. Smart lighting controls

Panel lights are assisted with incredible features like dimming and wireless control. This allows the user to have effective remote control over the lighting in the surrounding at any time of the day.

The light can be dimmed, around off hours or controlled just for various experiences. Smart lighting controls rids the extra burden of management around different hours.

LED panel lights are operable on lesser voltage which reduces electrical and maintenance costs by a huge margin. With traditional lamps it was impossible as they would malfunction over low voltages.

6. Eco-friendly

LED panel lights are remarkably efficient and pose up to other standards. They are quite sustainable fixtures and impact the environment greatly. These fixtures pass a certain standard in order to be installed in spaces which are exposed to the general public almost all times of the day.

These panels have low carbon emission as compared to other lamps which is quite beneficial when it comes to reducing carbon footprint. Moreover they do not contain mercury or metals which only function at certain temperatures. They are safe and effective to use and replace without the risk of any accident.

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