Know Why Porcelain Tiles are a Step Ahead


Though we all have usually heard about the stone and ceramic tiles. However, one more category is worth the hype, and that is none other than the porcelain tiles. Wondering why they are a step ahead of other options. It is just because they are fired at too high temperatures, and the process makes them dense and impermeable enough. In simple words, they are durable and waterproof at a better level.

Not convinced yet? Here we have listed a series of benefits that depict why porcelain tiles are among the most favorable options.


As mentioned earlier, they are highly durable in nature as their happy medium comes with extended longevity, which is ultimately impressive. If we see the timespan, they can simply last for almost 10-12 years in total. And guess what? The ones with the high-quality manufacturing process survive upto a period of 30 years, which may sound quite unbelievable to you.

Easy Upkeep

Unlike the glass and stone tiles, porcelain floor and wall tiles are stain-resistant. They just need a gentle swatch of cloth or a mop, and they become good enough to shine all day long. This is another reason people opt for them instead of floor carpeting; after all, who wouldn’t love a hallway or a kitchen with some porcelain flooring that is super easy to clean every day.

Fire Resistant

Another commendable benefit of porcelain tiles is that they don’t produce any harmful fumes when they come in contact with fire. They simply don’t burn or offer any smoke. Whereas the laminated floor and carpets are more prone to producing toxic fumes worldwide, which can be extremely unhealthy. So, why go with an option that catches fire quickly when you can take the chance of going with the safest option.

Low Absorption rate

It is found that tiles made of porcelain have a low absorption rate for moisture, around 0.5. Definitely, this is why porcelain tiles are an excellent option for installing around the lawns or other wet environments like bathrooms.

Slip Resistant

Many of us may wonder if porcelain material is slippery. However, the manufacturers nowadays ensure to add a matte glaze to the tiles that have options for gritty textured tiles , hence making them slip-resistant.

Ideal for Busy Areas

Typically, areas with high foot traffic experience bald spots. And the foot pressure leaves the laminated look of the tiles in a highly worn condition, which looks exceptionally shabby at times. But when porcelain tiles are installed in high traffic areas, the ground can maintain its grace for years and years, just like the stone tiles do. If you are considering an option for that long vintage style hallway that will subject to much more foot traffic than the normal, then there’s nothing else better than going with porcelain tiles.

Everlasting Appeal

Talking about the appeal factor, then tiles made with porcelain naturally don’t lose their charm, even in the maximum sun exposure. This is why many architects recommend installing them for outdoor spaces as well. In simple words, their chic appeal never goes out of style and is everlasting. All you need to make sure is not to use too many harsh chemicals on it.

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