Kitchen Renovation from the Plumber Contractors’ Point of View


Kitchen renovation projects are not as easy as what you see on TV, some do-it-yourself shows or on Pinterest. Contrary to want they make you believe, renovating your kitchen should involve different contractors and not only the design and building contractor. With many videos on the internet that promotes easy renovation projects, we often neglect that a plumbing contractor is an important part of the team.

If we fail to acknowledge this fact, then what you imagined as an easy project will turn out to be your biggest nightmare. Why not do it right from the start and involve Fixed Today Plumbing in your renovation project. Here are the major sections that you will need them for professional support.

Garbage Disposal System

We consider the kitchen garbage disposal system as the best appliance there is. You don’t have to scrape every food from your dishes and lets you do the dishes without worrying about the food clogging your drain. One TV show has a feature about easy replacements of kitchen disposal as easy but don’t be fooled by them. There are many intricacies in the installation that your plumbing contractor can understand. The pipe fittings drain and electrical connections better leave them to the experts.

Gas Lines

Do not gamble your life and resources by tinkering with the gas lines yourself. This is not an easy job and your safety is at risk. Professionals like Fixed Today Plumbing should handle installing connections to your oven or range. There are also many challenges that only them can handle like compatibility of your gas connectors to your appliance or gas line. To make sure that no leaks will ensue, only licensed contractors must install them.


Another complicated appliance to install in your kitchen renovation is your dishwasher. Only experts know how to install the plumbing and water supply for this appliance. There are many steps just to replace them including removal of the old unit, preparation of the site for installation and connecting the water lines. If you are planning to do it on your own, better think twice and instead get in touch with your plumbing contractor in Sydney.

Icemaker and Refrigeration System

Another complicated appliance to install is the icemaker. If you are planning on having one does not try to install them yourself. Between locating the filling tube and solenoid coil or valve to reading the instruction manual, you will experience more frustration along the way. The best is to call an expert and leave the installation of your icemaker and configuration of your refrigeration appliances to them. This will save you from all the hassles.

Embarking on a kitchen renovation project is an exciting pursuit. However, you must do it right or else you are bound to have frustrations and stress along the way. If you are planning to have a hand in the renovation process, at least consider leaving the plumbing works to the experts. You can request a booking now with Fixed Today.

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