Kitchen Remodeling On A Budget

Your kitchen sees the most traffic in your house. From devoted baking weekends to the endless snack trips at night, you keep going in and out of the kitchen.

You need an aesthetic and utility-friendly kitchen to so much more than just make meals. You feel more welcoming of friends and family, and it even brings up your property’s value.

But the shadow that haunts every homeowner is how expensive kitchen remodeling can be. If you hire an expert, you may be looking at no less than five figures to dry out your savings.

On the contrary, you can get creative and have an equally beautiful kitchen even on a tight budget. Here’s how!

Repaint Repaint Repaint!

If there’s one thing that needs to freshen up, it’s the paint on your kitchen walls. There is oil, grease, scents, and a lot of humidity crumbling on your kitchen paint. Ever noticed the greasy patches by the chimney?

Get yourself the best paints on the market at and have an extreme makeover for your kitchen.

Your kitchen paint sets down the theme for the rest of your plan to build on. And let’s face it, nothing looks better than freshly painted walls!

Enhance The Utility

Beauty is not the only characteristic of a well-planned kitchen. It should have a fair share of utility so you can work comfortably as well.

Other than the height, width, and size of your countertops, the appliances you have also determines your kitchen’s utility. If you need to have your washer replaced or want to get a new dishwasher, now’s your queue.

Another good thing you can do while installing appliances is by hiding them from plain sight. Utilize under-the-counter space to fit in some appliances, and it makes your overall kitchen look spacious and clean.


Unless you want your house to smell like spices, you’d wish to have an airy kitchen.

The better ventilated and airy a kitchen is, the easier it will be to keep clean and fragrant. Some homeowners skip out on the ventilation and make the kitchen run on a single exhaust. If your kitchen is the same, you might want to open up a window.

A window by the sink makes washing easier and allows for a better circulation of air. It may not cost a lot, just a bit of breaking down and installing new windows.


The best place to make an investment in your kitchen is countertops. Choose a pretty pattern with the right measurements, and you’re set for life.

Countertops are probably the most used parts of the kitchen. Sometimes you want to pull something off the heat, and at others, you just want your groceries to lay there. This makes you need a countertop that does both.

Applying countertop paint and polish to your old ones is also a good way to save up some cash. Most countertop materials are durable and don’t need replacing quite often.

Make Storage Space

A good kitchen has everything you need at an arm’s length.

With that said, having extra storage space makes your kitchen more compact. There a number of storage options you can choose from. Vertical cabinets, over-the-counter cabinets, and under-the-counter cabinets are the most common storage options you can include in your kitchen.

Over-the-counter cabinets suck in all your cutlery and the dry spices. It keeps them handy and yet away from sight. Under-the-counter cabinets adjust your appliances and or any utensils you might need. And vertical cabinets can be used to store cleaning equipment or a folding ironing table.


The flowing plan of your kitchen is not an easy investment to put aside. And that’s why it’s pushed so far down the list.

As vulnerable your kitchen walls are to humidity and grease, your floors are as well. But an old floor that’s cracked and chipped barely serves the purpose. It allows mold and bacteria to thrive in the cracks and takes away the aesthetics as well.

A spring-cleaning of your kitchen floor might do the task, but it is usually best to replace it. Choose a flooring type that goes well with your kitchen theme, whether it is wood, concrete, or tiles.


You don’t always need an expert designer and a hefty price tag to set things right in your kitchen. Pick out what you’ve wanted to change the most and find easier and cheaper ways to fix them. And soon you’ll have a kitchen you’re proud of!