Kitchen cleaning and why it’s important


The kitchen is probably the most important place to keep clean in your home. Why is that? We here at premium clean believe that the kitchen has to be kept clean and free from germs at all times. This is the place where all your meals are prepared. The last thing you want is your food to be contaminated with germs and dirt. Keeping the kitchen clean isn’t always that simple, it can be difficult to cut through grease and be certain that all germs have been eliminated. Using shop bought cleaners can be helpful but can you be sure that they are working to the best standard possible. Premium Clean can take away the worry and ensure that your kitchen is cleaned to the highest standard.

Using only the best, most powerful cleaning  products available to us. All of the products that we use are full natural and eco friendly. Helping us look after our planet the best we can. All of our products cut through grease and grime with minimal effort making it easy for us to be certain we’re leaving your kitchen as clean as it can possibly be. We will clean everything in the kitchen, counter tops, cupboards inside and out, washing machine inside and out, all appliances inside and out, oven inside and out, extractor fans, wall tiles, floor tiles drawers inside and out. Nothing will be left uncleaned.

Our oven cleaning process will leave the oven looking immaculate. We soak the racking and proceed to clean other items while we let it soak. When we come back to it we simply rinse and it will be sparkling clean. Everything we use has a clean fresh scent to it so you can be assured the kitchen will smell delicious when we’ve finished. If there are any special requirements such as the flooring needing specialist products we ask that you let us know prior to the clean this will allow us to be able to provide these products where needed. After you’ve booked with us we will decide how many cleaners you will need, this depends on the size and condition of the kitchen.

The cleaners will arrive at the time decided and they will be ready to clean as soon as they arrive. They will provide all the equipment and products needed and will clean away any rubbish that is at the property when they leave. We also offer a free-re-clean guarantee so that if you’re unhappy with any areas we will return and rectify free of charge. These issue areas do however have to be reported within 24 hours of the clean being completed for it to be valid. This is because dust can settle after this time and we would not be responsible for that. We are always available at a time best for you, 7 days a week and even working through bank holidays and weekends.

No job is too big or too small for a premium clean. We have the best professional team to offer and can be certain to provide you with the best possible cleaning services available for all your cleaning needs. You can look us up on trustatrader for some of our glowing reviews. Past customers have loved our cleaning so much they have written some wonderful words about us. Many of our one off cleans turn into regular customers because we beat many other companies on price, especially for the level of service you receive. We’re here waiting for you to call, let us do the dirty work.

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