Key Features that Sportsbooks Must Have Today

An online sportsbook must be safe, as it accumulates huge volumes of sensitive data. If something goes wrong, users may lose their money, as well as get their personal data revealed to third parties. This is why it’s crucial to choose a safe betting site like Here are the key features to be featured by an online sportsbook.


While most online sportsbooks look alike, they are not similar. They demonstrate different levels of customization, whether it comes to the available verification procedure, the system of bonuses, and the range of payment methods. The bookies with the individual visual and contextual concepts always stand out from the crowd.

Convenient Navigation

Users like a fast and simple user experience. All the information should be split into separate sections, so users could find the necessary information easily. The same thing goes both for mobile and browser formats.

Niche Sports

Most betting sites used to be devoted to a single kind of sport. Modern betting sites have a better coverage. They involve different sports, events, teams, etc. Fans of niche sports don’t struggle to find good gambling options. Moreover, they are happy to devote their loyalty to a casino if they provide them with it.

Niche Bets

Online sports betting is marked by the growing demand for unique betting markets, from outright to in-play bets. It’s no longer acceptable just to provide Goal bets and Win/Lose bets on a football match. Instead, a sportsbook can provide bets on the score, corners, cards, handicaps, and a bunch of prop bets.

Unusual Features

Request-a-Bet and In-Game Multipliers appeared a few years ago. Now, they are considered to be essential for every sportsbook. They provide a lot of betting options for the average punter, giving them multiple betting permutations for every football game.

You can hardly imagine this kind of situation, but it’s true. These days, permutations are as common as match bets as accumulators and punters want to find them everywhere they go.

Final Word

The world of online sports betting is changing every single day. It’s no longer acceptable to look at what offline bookies are doing and then transfer these features online. The betting sector has become bigger and more serious when it comes to money matters. To get the maximum out of this industry, you should definitely go the extra mile.