James Hardie Siding Installation – Top Questions Homeowners Have


When it’s time for a siding replacement, think about James Hardie siding. It not only offers the curb appeal every homeowner is looking for but it is also durable enough to withstand just about any climate. You may find other brand names that offer fiber cement siding, but none are so recognized in the market for this material and the quality that comes with James Hardie siding.

Although it has been a very popular solution for siding installation since the 1980s, Hardie Board siding is still quite misunderstood for its unique characteristics as compared to other siding materials. Every siding replacement project should start with a full understanding of the siding products available to you.

With that in mind, our siding contractors have the answers to some of the most common questions regarding James Hardie siding.

Is Hardie Siding Durable?

James Hardie siding is meant to last for decades, approaching up to 50 years. Plus, this siding replacement solution is backed by a 30-year, non-prorated warranty that is fully transferable to give you complete peace of mind.

How Expensive Is Hardie Siding?

When compared to other siding options, note the benefits that you will enjoy with a Hardie Board siding installation. What’s more, this option is designed to last a very long time with little maintenance required. These and other factors will give you the full picture not of how costly it is, but how affordable James Hardie siding can be in the long run.

How Difficult is James Hardie Siding to Maintain?

James Hardie siding actually requires very little maintenance. Simply hose it off with a garden hose in the spring and fall while removing any debris you find with a medium nylon brush. You will never have to deal with peeling paint, sanding, or repainting like a wood siding alternative.

Will Hardie Siding Provide Fire Protection?

James Hardie is made of fiber cement, so this siding is non-combustible. That means it will not feed a blaze, so it can help to limit damage due to fire. For this reason, you may receive a discount on your home insurance for a James Hardie siding installation.

Would It Be a Good Long-Term Investment to Have a Hardie Siding Installation?

Based on recent studies, fiber cement material like James Hardie Siding is a great choice to add to a home. James Hardie siding, known for being a high-end product, can offer a very nice return on your investment when the installation is handled by certified siding contractors and as compared to other lower-quality siding materials.

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