Is Water Damage Restoration Expensive?


Water damage repair and restoration are expensive. So expensive that it can be a struggle to decide whether or not you should bother fixing up your home, even if the cost of complete replacement is cheaper than making everything good as new again.

Water damage can happen in an instant: A pipe bursts and floods over your thousand-dollar carpeting and hardwood floors, ruining most of your home’s worth within a day. Or it can happen over time: A leaky roof turns into an indoor pond and creates a musty, rotting smell even with the fan going all the time.

It doesn’t matter if you’re cleaning up after a busted pipe or Mother Nature; professional water damage restoration Anaheim CA is a must. That’s because of the type of property damage it does. With most other types of home damage, like fire, you can get new stuff (new carpet, new walls) to replace what was broken or ruined. Water doesn’t work that way; it seeps into everything and destroys it from the inside out.

But water damage remediation companies do offer some good news: No matter how bad the damage, there is a big difference between restoring your home and replacing it. You can save thousands of dollars by setting up a plan to get your house back in working condition after extensive water damage. Here’s what you should know about water damage restoration Denver and repair.

Water Damage Restoration Process & Cost

Water leaking and flooded on wood parquet floor

The water damage repair process will depend on the type of water damage you are dealing with, whether it’s a small leak or severe flooding. Here are some typical steps involved in the restoration process: Water removal, water extraction, drying (this is critical to prevent mould growth), then dehumidification.

Reducing Costs

The water damage restoration process can be costly depending on the amount of water damage that has occurred. However, there are also many ways to reduce costs.

One way is by using dehumidifiers or fans if the basement has flooded. By using fans or dehumidifiers if the basement has flooded, these appliances will help remove excess moisture, which helps speed up the drying process and reduces mould growth. Additionally, you can preserve other belongings that have been damaged by water by cutting them open and allowing them to dry out before placing them in a garbage bag for removal. Of course, these methods of water damage restoration will only help you reduce costs; they won’t eliminate them.

Property Damage

Water damage can cause thousands of dollars in property damage if not taken care of by professionals quickly enough. For reference, water damage repairs are one of the top ten claims paid out for homeowner’s insurance every year. The average claim value for this type of claim is over $5,000. The cost of water damage restoration will depend on a number of factors, including the amount and type of water involved, the method used to dry the property and the size and construction of the home or building.


If a flood causes water damage, you’ll be dealing with different considerations than if it was from another source. This is because flooding can cause significant problems even when it isn’t widespread. Cleaning up floodwater means removing all the affected surfaces and replacing them, whether that means carpeting or hardwood floors. If you have drywall that is damaged by water, it may be necessary to remove it completely. That isn’t always the case when dealing with other sources of water damage, however, so you should ask your contractor about what you can expect in terms of repairs before you sign a contract.

Labour Costs

In terms of labour costs associated with restoration, the more extensive the work required to dry out your property, the higher the cost should be. So, if your property is very large or contains lots of materials that absorb water (wood floors or drywall, for example), you will expect to pay more than someone whose property was only slightly damaged by water.


Depending on the extent of water damage, it may be necessary to work with your insurance company. Most policies should cover the cost of repairs for water damage up to about $25,000, but check your policy to make sure there aren’t any exceptions or additional restrictions before you begin restoration work. If the water damage is extensive, it might make sense to increase your coverage.

Professional Help

Retaining the services of a professional company can help you avoid pitfalls like failing to get high-quality materials or hiring unlicensed contractors, both of which can lead to additional costs in the long run. To find reputable companies near you, (like this one: check with friends and family members for recommendations, look for memberships in industry organizations on the company’s website or ask your state contractor licensing board if they have any recommendations.



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