Is There an Eco-Friendly Alternative to Epoxy Floor Coating?

There are a lot of different floor coatings on the market these days, and it can be tough to decide which one to go with. If you’re looking for an environmentally friendly option, epoxy floor coating may not be the best choice. The material looks good to start with, but it won’t last in most cases. It will start to peel and chip, leaving its flakes on your floor. Moreover, its chemical composition makes it unsafe for pets or children running around. Silverline Systems has an eco-friendly alternative with the same benefits as an epoxy floor coating but without drawbacks. Here’s what you need to know about the alternative garage floor epoxy from Silverline Systems.

Drawbacks on Epoxy Flooring

Costly and difficult to remove. Epoxy flooring is prevalent in many spaces, but it’s common in garages. It looks sleek and shiny in a way that enhances the look of a workspace. However, it comes with limitations, such as difficulty in its removal. To effectively remove an epoxy coating on a garage floor, you need to hire a contractor who will use a grinder and an abrasive cleaner. Thus, making the process costly. There is also the risk of damaging the underlying concrete. If you’ve problems with sticking wax or want a sure remedy to some imperfections in the sealant layers protecting the floor, you need to use a high-quality floor buffing machine

Slippery when wet. Epoxy flooring can be dangerous when wet. The slippery nature of epoxy floors has been a focus in recent years after reports of workers slipping and falling in commercial spaces.

Short life span. Epoxy flooring will quickly start flaking and peeling. It will only last a few years before it starts looking unsightly after exposure to UV rays, weather, and general wear and tears. UV rays also cause discoloration.

Unpleasant smell. When installing an epoxy coating, it’s critical to carefully prepare the surface and follow all the manufacturer’s instructions. This can be a challenge because epoxies have a strong smell. Epoxy also emits strong fumes. Inhalation of these fumes for prolonged periods may lead to skin, eyes, nose, and throat irritation.

Incorrect mixing. When mixing epoxy, the ratio of hardener and resin must be correct. If you don’t do this properly, you’ll wind up with bubbles in the coating, which can look unseemly and cause a blistered look that will need to be ground down and resurfaced.

Eco-friendly Alternative Flooring

An eco-friendly alternative to epoxy flooring is a floor coating from Silverline Systems. This is a rigid system that adheres to all surfaces. Unlike epoxy, it’s a non-hazardous material that won’t damage your health or the environment. Here’s an overview of what you can expect from this system:

Easy to clean. Silverline Systems floor coatings are very easy to clean. They will hold up over time even when exposed to water, oil, gasoline, and other chemicals.

Environmentally friendly. Silverline Systems products are non-toxic and safe for humans, animals, and the environment, unlike epoxy coatings. They have a low VOC content, no odor, and emit deficient fumes.

Cures quickly. This system provides durable protection against abrasion, impact, corrosion, and chemicals. In addition to being easy to install, this coating cures quickly at room temperature.

Long-lasting. This system provides a high degree of abrasion and impact resistance thanks to its high-quality components that promote adhesion, hardness, toughness, and flexibility. It will last for many years in commercial, industrial, and residential spaces.

Low-maintenance. This system requires no waxing, buffing, or other special care to maintain its look and performance. If it becomes damaged, cosmetic repairs will be easy to carry out.

Affordable. This coating won’t cost a lot of money to install and maintain. The initial steps include broom sweeping without the need for expensive grinding, removal, or floor leveling. This system offers a cost-effective approach for industrial and residential applications alike.

Easy to customize. As an artistic coat, it provides a customizable color surface that you can decorate to suit your specific design, branding, and business needs.

Fire-safe. With its Class “A” fire rating, this coating lowers the risk of fires. It’s also non-combustible, so it will not contribute to a fire.

There are several reasons why epoxy flooring is not the best choice for your garage. Not only is it expensive and difficult to remove, but it’s also dangerous when wet, short-lived, emits unpleasant fumes, and can be blistered. Silverline Systems offers a more environmentally friendly and affordable alternative that is easy to clean and long-lasting. If you want to keep your garage looking clean and shiny for years, this coating will do the trick.