Is Spring the Best Time for Garage Door Repair?


Spring is the perfect time to ensure your garage door is in top working order. The weather is warm but not hot, so you can spend time in your garage without feeling too uncomfortable. Plus, if any garage door repair needs to be made, it’s best to do them before the hot summer months arrive. You should do a few things to ensure your garage door is in good repair before the busy summer season.

Spring Garage Door Repair Checklist

Check for Rusty Garage Door Tracks

One of the first things you should do is check for any rust on the garage door or tracks. If there is any rust, you’ll want to remove it as soon as possible. Rust can cause serious damage to your garage door and tracks, so it’s best to nip it in the bud early. You can also lubricate the tracks to help prevent rust in the future.

Inspect the Springs for Wear & Tear

Another thing you should do is inspect the springs for wear and tear. Over time, springs can become worn out and need to be replaced. If you notice any fraying or damage, it’s best to replace the springs before they break. When replacing springs, it’s important to use the same size and type of spring. Also, make sure you go for a high-quality spring to ensure long-lasting results.

Lubricate All Moving Parts

It’s also important to lubricate all moving parts of your garage door. It includes tracks, rollers, hinges, and springs. Keeping all these parts lubricated can help prevent rust and wear and tear. Plus, it will make your garage door operate more smoothly.

Test the Opener

After you’ve lubricated all the moving parts, it’s time to test the opener. Ensure that the opener is working properly and that the door opens and closes smoothly. If there are any issues, now is the time to call a professional garage door repair company.

Check the Weather Stripping

Another thing you should do is check the weather stripping around your garage door. It will need to be replaced if the weather stripping is cracked or damaged. Weather stripping helps keep moisture and drafts out of your garage, so it’s important to have it in good condition.

Inspect the Rollers

The rollers on your garage door can also become worn out over time. Inspect the rollers and make sure they’re not cracked or chipped. If they are, you’ll need to replace them. Rollers help your garage door open and close smoothly, so keeping them in good condition is important.

Test the Balance

If your garage door is having trouble opening or closing, it could be due to an issue with the balance. To test the balance, disconnect the opener and try to open and close the door manually. If the door is difficult to open or close, the springs likely need to be adjusted.

Call a Garage Door Repair Company

If you’re having any issues with your garage door, it’s best to call a professional garage door repair company. An experienced company will be able to diagnose and fix any problems you’re having. They can also perform preventive maintenance to help keep your garage door in good working order.

The Benefits of Garage Door Repair During Spring

Some of the benefits of garage door repair during spring include:

Avoiding the Summer Rush

If your garage door is repaired during spring, you can avoid the summer rush. Many people wait until the summer to have their garage doors repaired, which can lead to long wait times. Having your repairs done during spring means you can avoid the hassle and get your garage door back in working order before the busy summer season.

Save on Money

Another benefit of having your garage door repaired during spring is that you can save money. Many companies offer discounts for spring repairs. In which case, you want to take advantage of that seasonal offer since other times of the year aren’t popular for certain discounts. So, if you’re looking to save money on repairs, now is the time to do it.

If you’re having any issues with your garage door, spring is the best time to have it repaired. You can avoid the summer rush and save money by having your repairs done during spring. Plus, you can keep your garage door in good working order all year. So, if you’re experiencing any problems with your garage door, don’t hesitate to call a professional garage door repair today.

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