Is Sitting In A Recliner Bad For Your Back? Lean Back And Enjoy!


It is quite relieving to lay back in a recliner after a long day of hard work. A recliner soothes your entire body by offering back support in a way that melts all your worries away. If you have been looking for proper support for your back, a recliner is the way to go. Sitting in a recliner in the correct position can do away with pressure on your spine as you will notice from

You can lie back in a recliner without hurting your back because it has proper lumbar support. This means sitting in a recliner is not bad for your back; on the contrary, it helps your back. Besides your back, recliners can be a great help to your ankles, knees, and legs. You can elevate your legs as you lay down on a recliner allowing proper flow of blood.

Is sitting in a recliner bad for your back?

This could be a possibility only if the recliner you have chosen does not offer lumbar support. Without that feature, you will always experience back pain. That is why it is advised that you take your time before purchasing a recliner to avoid facing such problems. A recliner should enable you to relax as you unwind and not cause you any back pain.

To avoid any back pain when sitting in a recliner, ensure that the arm of the chair is at a comfortable height. That way, support is distributed to all pressure points making all body parts to relax. It would be best if you tried angles that comfort you when purchasing a recliner to ensure that you pick the ideal one. The bottom line is, a recliner is not bad for your back as long as it features lumbar support.

Benefits of recliners

Information from outline the benefits you will reap from sitting in a recliner, many of which are health-related. This means a recliner promotes your health; that is why it comes in highly recommended. A recliner chair is designed to simplify your life if you have problems using the conventional chair. You can rest your legs and head when sitting in a recliner as such elevating your spirit.

The following are the benefits of recliners.

  • Pain relief

The pain you often feel is usually caused by strained muscles. You should not ensure feeling such pain; that is why you should sit in a recliner to ease the pain. A recliner changes the direction of pressure, causing the pain as it comforts your muscles. There are different types of recliners, all of which can provide pain relief at specified comfort levels.

  • Comfort

This is the main reason many people opt for recliners. The comfort level that a recliner provides is out of this world. You will sit in comfort in a recliner as you unwind at the end of the day. None of the ordinary chairs can match the comfort offered by a recliner. You may not want to leave your recliner the moment you sit on it; that is why many people end up sleeping in a recliner.

  • Blood circulation

If you spend long hours working while sitting, it can affect blood flow because of poor circulation. It is unhealthy to sit or stand for long hours because it minimizes blood flow to the brain. This may lead to fainting or losing consciousness. A recliner comes in handy, for it solves all of these problems. When you rest your back in a recliner as you elevate your feet, you allow blood to flow freely. That is how you stay healthy.

  • Stress reliever

You may not this, but the primary cause of back pain is stress. If you are stressed, tension accumulates, leading to back pain as well as tension headaches. If you sit at a 90-degree angle continuously, your muscles tend to strain, causing back pain. That’s where a recliner comes in functioning as a stress reliever as you lean back in your chair to relax. The moment you are relaxed, there will be no room left for stress to accumulate.

  • Increases productivity

To be productive at work, you need to be motivated with something that makes you want to work even harder. This is what a recliner offers because, with it, there is no limitation to mobility. You can move around, swing, look sideways as you sit in a recliner, making nothing stand in your way when working. It would be best if you had a recliner in a busy work environment to increase productivity. With a recliner, there is no room for boredom, for you will always be refreshed as you continue working.

  • Improves quality of life

Using a recliner leads to a general improvement of life. You will no longer suffer from any aches once you sit in a recliner. For the elderly, it improves the quality of life as it eliminates mobility, especially to those having arthritis problems. The elderly don’t need extra support when using a recliner, for it helps in carrying out basic stuff like napping and sitting without support.

Final thought

According to the information from, your health should be your primary concern at all times. This is why you need to invest in a recliner due to the significant health benefits it provides. You don’t have to endure back pains anymore for a recliner can ease your back pain. A recliner works by supporting your back hence relieving your back pain.

You should choose a recliner that provides lumbar support to ease your back pain. Without that feature, the recliner you will end up buying will not work effectively. Recliners can be quite costly; hence you must take your time before purchasing one to get value for your money. You should invest in an excellent recliner if you want to simplify your life and live in comfort.

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