Is Macro Diet Really Helpful For Staying Fit?


If you want to lose weight in a healthy way and stay fit, you must consider a macro diet before trying anything else.

Currently, most of us are reluctant about changing our diet. We consume food without being concerned about the regular calorie intake limit. Moreover, there is always a dilemma regarding what is healthy and what is not, such as some people believe having red meat once a week is good while some may consider it prohibited. The same confusion often arises about lobster and caffeine.

However, we are not suggesting that everyone can eat everything. Some foods may cause serious health problems for people who are suffering from a specific disease. For instance, sugar intake must be limited for people suffering from diabetes, and red meat is highly restricted for people suffering from high cholesterol. Whether you suffer from a disease or not, you should follow a proper diet chart to live healthily.

If you have really little knowledge about diet or nutrition, you should first consult a dietitian. The chart has to be made according to your height, weight, and age. Some items should be added or removed carefully if you already have a special health condition. A macro diet is an ideal option for anyone who wants to keep track of the regular intake and does not want to get too skinny or fat for being careless about their diet routine.

The trend of counting macros was only popular among athletics who wanted to be fit for their upcoming competition. They mostly want to count their regular intake of nutrition or calories due to acquiring muscle or get an exclusive shape. Everyone may not need to gain muscle, but the idea is beneficial for all.

The concept of macro diet or macronutrients refers to the food nutrients that provide required energy as well as keep the body fit for long. The diet is a perfect blend of proteins, fats, and carbohydrates. For your convenience, you even can make macro-friendly recipes. However, if you have decided to follow such a diet for yourself, you have to be disciplined about everything.

Tips To Track Accordingly

Keeping track of the daily consumption of macros may seem difficult to some people. Do not stress yourself too much. We are here to help you with some simple guidelines that will help you keep track of the macros you require.

1. Find Out How Many Calories Do You Really Need Everyday

Calorie requirement always varies from person to person. If a person has a job that requires a lot of physical work, they may need to consume more calories than a regular person. Some of the important factors which should be considered are-

  • Age of the person
  • Bodyweight
  • Gender
  • The job they are involved with

Nowadays, people use several mobile apps to track how many calories they are guzzling and the number of calories they are burning each day.

2. Be Accurate About The Required Proportion

When a person can measure the number of calories required regularly, they can design their chart accordingly. The amount can be added accurately without worries about over-consumption. To make a perfect chart, some suggestions are given below-

  • Protein intake should not be more than 30%.
  • Do not cut fat completely. You can consume a maximum of 35% fat on a regular basis. Moreover, you can make easy macro diet recipes by adding required fats using different oils to your cooking.
  • We often consider carbohydrates our enemy. But if you are creating a diet plan based on macros, you have to include a minimum of 45% carbohydrates in the list.

Now, if an individual needs to intake a maximum of 2,000 calories each day, the following should be the way to create the diet-

  • The protein intake should be at least 200 and a maximum of 600, while the calories from fat should not exceed 700 each day.
  • On the other hand, the calories from carbohydrates should not be more than 1,300.

One can deduct or include one or two ingredients in the diet according to their physical condition or requirement. For example, a person involved with bodybuilding needs extra calories compared to a person with a regular routine. The person also needs to consume more protein and carbohydrates than anyone else.

On the other hand, a person doing a Keto diet to reduce fat or weight needs to create a diet with different amounts of nutrients. The diet should have a minimal amount of carbohydrates, and the maximum portion should be covered by calories from fat.  The fat will fill up the calorie deficiency in the diet.

3. Design Your Diet Accordingly

The macro diet is extremely helpful for many people because of its health benefits. Different options are available to maximize the nutritious value. While many people are most likely to create a diet with dairy items, others may experience allergic complications.

Perks of Macro Diet

Some of the mention-worthy benefits are

Blocking Diseases

The macro diet also proved as a shield for some specific diseases. Such examples include middle-aged grownups who used to take about 6% calories regularly from protein. If they increase the calorie proportion to 17% as a grownup, they are less likely to have Alzheimer’s.

On the other hand, some people are concerned about their carb intake. However, surprisingly, eating a lofty amount of carbs may prevent and decrease diabetes as well as cardiovascular disease.

Helps To Maintain Standard Weight Without Getting Skinny

Macro diets are always considered a healthy option to maintain an average weight. Many people are concerned about their fat intake. Surprisingly, if a person maintains a cellulose-based carbohydrate menu, a maximum of 15% fat intake may help decrease the overall proportion of body fat. In addition to that, it may be helpful to get rid of obesity. Home-made pizzas can be an ideal food for such a diet.

Do Not Get Obsessed With Your Diet!

Macro diets are surely helpful to achieve different health goals. However, they may cause more harm than good if you become too concerned about the nutrition intake and become worried before eating anything. It becomes a phobia to some people.

If you become so conscious about your eating habits, it will create more stress in your mind, deteriorating your health at some point. No ideal diet is made without a fixed proportion of fats, carbs, and proteins. You need all of these to remain fit and healthy.

In the initial stage, the tracking will seem so much fun and exciting. Although, after some time, you may get frustrated with the numbers. However, you have to be patient and continue to follow the diet accordingly to be successful. If you are disciplined enough, you should start to plan the diet immediately.

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