Is Boiler Repair Worth it? Most Common Gas Boiler Problem


When your boiler starts giving one or more issues, especially during the cold period, it could be very frustrating. If you are using a much older boiler, chances are that issues might arise more than someone using a quite new brand.

Problems relating to boilers vary depending on where the issue is emanating from. This article discusses the most common gas boiler problems after we talked to professional engineers who provide gas boiler repair in London and Kent . You will also get to know if it’s worth repairing a boiler or not.

Nine Most Common Gas Boiler Problems

1. Leakages from boiler

Leakages from the boiler could pose a water issue at home and it could damage electrical parts both within the boiler and outside. Leakages from the boiler could be from several parts of it where water is coming from.

Most times it is usually caused by damage to an internal part of the boiler.  It could be from the pressure valve, the pump, or the tank.

A leakage from the pressure valve could mean that the pressure entering the boiler is too high. One from the pipes or tank might mean there had been an irregular installation or corrosion had occurred.

In either case, do not attempt to repair a leaking boiler yourself but you should call on a gas engineer to check.

2. Kettling Boiler

When your boiler produces sounds that resemble one being released from boiling water in a kettle, then you could say your boiler is kettling. This issue most times arises when sludge materials or particles deposit in the heat exchanger.

If you live in an area where hard water( hard water contains more minerals than soft water which could build up as sludge ) is common and being used, then you are more likely to experience this issue than those who use soft water.

Apart from your boiler producing kettling noise, with hard water, your boiler has to put more effort for it to function and this could inhibit the whole system’s life expectancy.

3. Noisy Boiler

Apart from the whistling noise that is produced when you have a kettling boiler, you could expect some other noises and sounds from the boiler when there are faults or loose connections to any of its parts.

You could hear sounds like bangling, buzzing, humming, gurgling, and so on. A bangling sound could mean that the pipes or other connections inside the boiler are becoming loose. It could also mean that the pump is beginning to malfunction.

A buzzing sound could mean that an electrical part of the boiler is faulty and needs to be replaced. A gurgling noise from the radiator could mean it’s being affected by plenty of air which inhibits the flow of water in the boiler.

4. No heating but there’s hot water

When using a boiler at home, you should expect central heating and hot water from it. If the central heating function stops working, then this is a sign that there is a problem.

This problem might have resulted from the setting of your thermostat which is responsible for controlling heating. If also your boiler pressure dropped beyond normal, then it could be difficult for the central heating to function well.

5. Low pressure

For your boiler to work perfectly, the central heating system must receive adequate boiler pressure. A sudden decrease in your boiler pressure beyond normal would affect the central heating system.

Most boilers would have a pressure meter that would indicate the pressure of the boiler. To be on the safer side, the boiler pressure should be around one and two or you could ask the boiler manufacturing brand for their recommended boiler pressure.

Generally, all boiler pressure will tend to decrease gradually as you use it over time, but a sudden quick decrease could indicate that there is a problem.

6. Cold Radiators

Having only the bottom of the radiator hot while the top is cold could be another boiler problem. This could have resulted from the air that affected the flow of hot water that heats the radiator.

Also, there could have been sludge deposition that is preventing hot water from flowing through the radiator.

7. The boiler not working with the Thermostat

Using or connecting your boiler to the thermostat is a better way to enjoy your home facility. You would want to check one or two things out when you discover this problem.

The first is to check if it’s charged and the batteries are working perfectly. You would also want to check your internet connection if you are using a smart thermostat.

8. Boiler switching itself off

A boiler switching itself off can be a result of some irregularities or faults in its inner part. This could be a result of relatively low pressure, problems from the thermostat, debris or sludge deposition, or plenty of air entering the system.

If you find out that the issue is not from the boiler’s pressure and not from the thermostat either, then you must call on an engineer.

9. No heating and no hot water

If your boiling system is not producing heat and water, then it might have been caused by one or more reasons. The first is to check if it’s receiving a power connection. Check the thermostat for the set temperature.

Also, look out for the set boiler pressure which is always between 1 and 2. The issue might also be from the condensate pipe.

Mostly, your boiler will give you a code to indicate where the problem is coming from. Either way, you’ll still need to call up an engineer to check through.

Is Boiler Repair Worth it?

When you experience one or more issues from the one discussed above, then repairing your boiler is worth it. Sometimes your boiler might only require that an internal part of it is changed or it might also be that a little adjustment or checkup is only needed or a general servicing is required.

However if your boiler constantly requires that you repair it often and often, then you should consider replacing it with a new one. If you call Gas Boiler & Heating Repair LTD, which is a family-owned heating repair company serving London, they will let you know what is the best course of action. You can find them at 49 Pendragon Rd, Bromley BR1 5JZ, United Kingdom, by just calling +44 7795 034003 or visiting their website at – they are open 24 hours a day, including bank holidays.


Inviting a professional to check your boiler when you notice an issue will be the best and it is just okay to repair a gas boiler when it’s faulty. Usually, your engineer would let you know the type of repair that is needed when you hire one.

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