IPTV on Samsung Smart TV | Ultimate Set-Up Guide


Samsung Smart TV IPTVThis allows you to view all of your favorite shows.Television ChannelsYou can watch movies and TV shows whenever you like. All TV App Stores can be supported by the IPTV app. It is enough to activate IPTV once, then you can use the trail free service (for no additional charge).Seven days. This tutorial will assist you by providing the following:Setup guideFor your Samsung Smart TV. Smart IP TV Smart allows you to view live TV and can be controlled via an app called SmartIPTVapp. We offer some tips and tricks to help you set up IPTV with your Samsung Smart TV.

How to set-up IPTV on Samsung Smart TV

We offer some suggestions for you.DownloadAndInstallTheIPTVYour Samsung Smart TV. Follow the steps to install the IPTV on the Samsung Smart TV.

Step 1: Ensure that you have checked your firewall settings before installing the application.Samsung Smart TVIt is compatible with the Live TV Service, and then you can go to the Samsung Smart TV Screen.

Step 2: You will need to search the item on the screen.Smart IPTV AppIf it isn’t displayed, go to All Apps/Updates.

Step 3: Look for the Smart TV App on your screenLaunch the app.

How to set-up IPTV on Samsung Smart TV

Step 4: Make a note of what you see.Mac AddressThis will be displayed on the screen.

Step 5: Next, go to the My Account section and navigate to theSmart IPTV

Step 6: Next, move on to the section titledExternal playlist links addedwhere you will need to enter your Mac address and unique URL for Live TV Playlist in the Link field.

Step 7: Ensure that you select the country from the drop-down menu.

Step 8: If you are having problems loading the playlist, you can check theCheckbox online

Step 9: Click on the button to continue.Click on the Add Link button.

Step 10: After all, it’s only onceSet-up is completeYou will need to restart the Smart IPTV app or TV.

These are the steps to set up IPTV on Samsung Smart TV.

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