Instagram Implemented 3 Amazing Features for Businesses

Since 2019, there weren’t seen that Instagram does its best to grow itself and to provide the best business tools for brands. It is also used for email marketing. Click here to learn more. And we can say from our experience that there are three amazing features Newley implemented by businesses, which can aid you in increasing your sales. Of course, some might feel like mastering Instagram advertising insights is rather challenging, which is why they opt for using services such as ​ to boost their brand’s visibility in easy way. Just choose the package, pay and wait for delivery. That’s all!


Anyhow, no matter if you opt for such services or not, you need to discover additional information about the latest Instagram features. Up next, you will find out all you need to know about the newest Instagram tools that can be usesfor boosting your revenues. 




One of the best features you can use on this platform to keep up your audience’s interest is IGTV. This enables you to share a 60-minutes video, in which you can share a lot of insights about your brand. And we can say this is rather efficient since online users are more inclined to engage with visual content, rather than reading a long and tedious caption. This latest feature is impressive, as it is not as restrictive as the one-minute video Stories allow. Besides, it is a dedicated platform where you can share and view your video content. 


Of course, as with everything on Instagram, you don’t need to learn editing skills.All you have to do is record your content, use Instagram to customize it, and present it to your followers. You can share everything between ten to sixty minutes of length. Overall, IGTV is an efficient method to increase brand awareness and present new products or services to your potential customers. And the best part about it is that you can even use such content for your advertising endeavours. 


Instagram Direct


This feature is meant to allow you to reach out to your potential customers via a direct video call or conference. And you can even include up to four followers! Mainly, Instagram Directis meant to let you reach out to these followers that continuously react to your content. As such, you will have to put the basis of an initial communication before using the video calls feature. But market data shows that reaching out to potential customers via Instagram Direct can add a lot of value for your business. 


The first thing you need to do before using Instagram Direct is to establish a broad followers’ database. And to do this, you can always opt for buying Instagram Followers, so that you have a nice start on this online platform. As soon as your followers start to interact with your content, you will have to take some time answering their queries. And when there are quite a few fans interested in additional information about your business, you can use Instagram Direct to answer their questions.   Be sure to check out ingramer reviews as well for a great option. 


Music Stickers


Since Instagram Stories are one of the most efficient advertising techniques on this platform, they did their best to implement music stickers. It is a funny setting that will allow you to play a song with each video or photo you share in your Stories. And the best part about it is that you can select from a well-established database of tracks. 


Music Stickers allow you to use your creativity with your Stories content, which will attract more followers due to the unique content. It aids you to advertise your business in a relaxed and funny way, which might turn out to be enticing for your audience.




These Instagram features have the power to boost your sales if you use them wisely. They are meant to attract a lot of attention to your business, and if you implement those with a good advertising strategy, we can say with certainty that the results will be more than impressive.