Inspiring Reasons to Display Photos at Home


We all have a collection of favourite photos. Whether it’s photos of your newborn, your friends or your four-legged family members, taking photographs with our smartphones feels like the most normal thing in the world.

Sadly, very few of us print these photos and display them at home, with most moments posted and shared on social media instead. You probably have thousands of photos stored on your phone or smart device, years of documented history that may be digitised forever. Many people believe that photos are far too precious to be kept, hidden away in the depths of the digital world and that it’s much better to have a real, physical reminder of these moments within your home.

In this post, we’ll explore some of the most inspiring reasons to display photos in your home. Read on to find out more.

No-Risk of Lost Images

When you store all your images on a hard drive, your phone or even a cloud then you’re at risk of losing these images. It could be through accidental deletion, a virus, even theft of your phone. For many, the idea of losing their images, photographs of their children and loved ones is utterly devastating. So to combat this, having your favourite memories developed into hellocanvas metal prints is a perfect alternative. Ensuring you have these wonderful photographs stored in photo albums or on the walls of your home means you’ll always have copies of precious moments.

They Make Us Feel Good

Those beautiful smiles beaming at you as you get ready for work, the cute face of your loved one that makes you feel better after a rough day, photographs of your graduation that reminds you how far you’ve come. Or that holiday overseas that you can’t wait to experience again. When photos are in our homes, they catch us in our most unguarded moments, making us feel good, happy and nostalgic – this kind of feeling can’t be created with images stored on a digital device.

Beautiful Home Décor

Whether you live in rented accommodation, or you’re looking for some core decorative pieces for your new home, printed photographs, canvases and other styles are the perfect way to decorate your property and add a touch of personality and family history to your walls and surfaces. They’re completely unique to you and can’t be replicated by anyone else! Whether you choose black and white prints, or bright colours to compliment your current décor, printing photographs just makes sense!

Memories Brought to Life

Whether you want to document your baby through childhood and beyond, your pets as they grow or you want to keep a loved one who is no longer around, as close as possible. Printing and displaying your photographs can do all this for you.

Final Thoughts…

Why not bring your digital images to life and have them professionally printed at home? Check your phone – you probably have thousands of breathtaking images you’ve forgotten all about. The hardest thing about printing photos is choosing which ones you want the most.

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