Information about Desire Resort and Spa Riviera Maya All Inclusive Couples Only Hotel


Desire Resort and Spa Riviera Maya is an all-inclusive, couples-only hotel in Cancun’s Riviera Maya. There are clothing-optional areas, a pool, gym, and a spa, disco, and rooftop Jacuzzi lounge. The resort also has 4 restaurants and 5 bars. Nightly entertainment is provided. The rooms have LCD TVs, mini-bars, and coffee makers.

A 30-person hot tub is available in the rooftop Jacuzzi lounge and bar. It’s made of Venetian tile. Views range from the bright blue-greens of the Caribbean Sea to the earthy-tone beige of the Mayan jungle. The Jacuzzi Lounge is surrounded by a circular, tempered, crystal open-air shower that allows for 360deg views. It offers stunning views of the surrounding jungle and turquoise sea. If you want to relax in the Caribbean’s hot sun while sipping your favorite drink and enjoying the company of others, wooden sunbeds are available. The bar is open daily from noon to 3:00 AM. It also features the same sensual decor as our Sahlo restaurant.

This makes it an attractive spot for pre-dinner drinks. This is the ideal space for you to chat, enjoy a premium liquor drink, and get to know other guests. The restaurant’s aphrodisiac-inspired dishes will be served in a sophisticated and relaxing setting. The bar is not open to all clothing types. The bar is casually elegant and relaxed from 6:00 to 10:00. Kahlo’s clothing-optional resort is a place where you can feel the sensuality.

Every corner has been decorated with a modern style. Kahlo promises moments of mystery and eroticism with its unique details, such as an array of images, women’s silhouette statues, and elegant masks. Kahlo’s erotic atmosphere is the perfect setting for innovative culinary creations that delight the most discerning palates. Kahlo can only be booked for dinner. Desire Riviera Maya Resort is an all-clothes resort. However, this restaurant has a sensual, elegant dress code. Tentazione is just a few steps from the beach and offers delicious buffet lunch.

This casual restaurant is located under a beautiful palapa and provides a wide variety of delicious, sophisticated food in a buffet-style setting. You can find a variety of dishes at the buffet bar. The palapa has a tropical and sophisticated design. The bar and walls are made of a stunning chocolate-brown onyx rock. This, along with the wooden tables and rattan-like seats, adds freshness to the area. These incredible features frame Desire’s gorgeous beach perfectly. A bar is an excellent option for anyone who doesn’t want to miss any action on the beach or in the pool.

Our bartenders will prepare water, lemonade, and soft drinks as well as beer, margaritas, or daiquiris for your enjoyment on the white, powdery sand beach.

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