Increase Your Chances of Becoming Infrastructure Analyst with Microsoft 70-764 Exam Using Practice Tests

Infrastructure analysts are skilled professionals on whom top management always relies in any international company just because they are able to efficiently administer a SQL Database Infrastructure. But to manage all this is not a piece of cake, as you may think since first, youhave to sit for the Microsoft 70-464 and 70-765 tests and obtain the MCSA SQL 2016 Database Administration credential. A candidate who obtains this badge on their CV list increases the chances to have a higher salary and become a valuable asset on the IT job market. If you are curious about the skills that an infrastructure analyst needs to develop during the training for the Microsoft 70-764 and how website can boost your chances to pass the test from the first attempt, then you should continue reading this article. 

Learn More About 70-764 Test 

The Microsoft 98-349 – AZ-301 – MS-101 – 70-767 PDF test is the first in the series of two you should pass to obtain the MCSA certification in SQL 2016 Database Administration. This exam tests your ability for administering a SQL database infrastructure. Once you decided to get a passing score in 70-764 you should prove that you are skillful enough to complete the following tasks: 

  • Set up and evaluate data access;
  • Create the necessary backups for the company’s databases;
  • Develop SQL Server instances and constantly monitor them;
  • Create comprehensive disaster recovery policies and ensuring business continuity.

As for the test details, there is a fee of $165 for any candidate who wants to enroll in this exam. Applicants will have to work on from 40 to 60 questions with only 120 minutes to do it. We’ll make it known that starting with June 30, 2020, this exam will retire. But no worries at all, because Microsoft will introduce a replacement exam to help potential candidates evaluate their capabilities in SQL Database Infrastructure.

The following paragraphs will focus more on infrastructure analyst’s job details, their salary and the skills that they need to possess. So, go on reading!

What Does an Infrastructure Analyst Do?

An infrastructure analyst should prove that they have the relevant knowledge and skills to maintain and test software and hardware infrastructure. Also, these specialists should know how to analyse existing and planned capabilities and immediately identify the possible gaps. On top of all that, the duties of any infrastructure analyst include collecting data on system performance as well as creating and refining standards for the organization’s operating processes.

What Is the Annual Salary That an Infrastructure Analyst Can Get?

According to the, an infrastructure analyst earns, on average, approximately $70k yearly. A junior specialist can receive $48k per year, whereas a certified professional with the MCSA badge can reach to a maximum annual salary of $97k. Some of the top employers looking for an infrastructure analyst are Accenture, Highmark, Inc., or Oakwood Systems Group. But only John Deere is open to offer the highest salary at the moment. They offer an infrastructure analyst $86k for a year. Conversely, the lowest pay is provided by Highmark, Inc., who offer an annual salary of $59k. 

Continue reading to know more about the study methods a potential infrastructure analyst should make use of to earn the MCSA SQL 2016 Database Administration and be hired by IT giants.

Obtain a Passing Score in Microsoft 70-764 Exam with ExamSnap

The official Microsoft training resources are the first alternative that candidates should opt for learning. For example, applicants can try the trainings led by Microsoft instructors. Microsoft trainers teach test-takers everything they need to know about administering a SQL database infrastructure. Instructor-led classroom training develops over the course of 5 days which puts its candidates in a real exam environment. 

Microsoft online training and the official practice test are other options that candidates can take advantage of to evaluate their skills for 70-764 exam. There is also a book that exam-takers can read and find more about the exam’s items, getting access to information on installation, maintenance, and configuration of database systems. Still, the vendor is not the only one means you can utilize to get ready for your upcoming assessment.

ExamSnap is another reliable resource for exam prep, which is also independent of Microsoft. This online platform gives candidates the chance to download free updated files that are constantly uploaded by the successful exam-passers. The applicants who want to maximize their chances of performing well in 70-764 can also strive for paid practice tests in the form of the Premium Bundle which consists of questions and answers validated by IT experts as well as a helpful study guide and a training course of lectures. To purchase this package, you have to pay $39.97, which is an affordable price, isn’t it?

One more thing to mention here is that ExamSnap’s practice tests can be downloaded in the vce format only. That’s why you will need the VCE Exam Simulator that helps you familiarize with the exam’s environment and understand its structure better. Thus, you won’t have any surprises on the exam’s day as you are already used to the test’s structure and difficulty level.


The Microsoft 70-764 test offers candidates the opportunity to check if they have the relevant knowledge on administering a SQL database and if they are courageous enough to face this challenge and attain the MCSA SQL 2016 Database Administration credential, which can help them expand their career prospects and become a future infrastructure analyst. To impress any recruiting team and receive a generous offer, you have to prepare for the exam well and this is where Microsoft training resources and materials that can be downloaded from ExamSnap website, including free or paid updated practice tests, can help you.