Important Factors to Consider when Choosing a Toilet Seat


Choosing a toilet seat is a very important decision that everyone will have to make at least once in their life; toilet seats must be durable, visually pleasing, and comfortable. There are many factors that must be taken into consideration when deciding on a toilet seat and many alternatives. This page will tell you a few things you must consider, and a few other options that you have available to you. When choosing a toilet seat, providing you live with other people, whether family or friends, be sure to choose a seat that fits everybody. Toilet seats are not a one-size-fits-all affair, so choose carefully and thoughtfully, as nobody wants to be uncomfortable when on the toilet.

Here are some important factors to consider when you are choosing your new toilet seat.

Weight and Size

You must consider weight and size when choosing a toilet seat, and not of the seat itself. As was briefly mentioned in the introduction, you must choose thoughtfully for members of your family; if members of your family are heavy-set, choosing a toilet seat fit for a petite person is not appropriate. It is difficult making these choices yourself, and you could potentially bring the person for whom you are catering to along with you to find one that is appropriate for them. You must ensure, however, that you will still be able to fit on the toilet seat. 

A medium-sized seat should be able to fit all body types. The weight and size of the people using the toilet seat are important, as is the toilet, for if you have a weak, poorly made porcelain toilet, a heavy-set person could potentially crush it. This can cause a lot of damage to your home and cost you a lot of money, and of course, hurt them too.


Sitting on an uncomfortable toilet seat is something that nobody wants to do. You must pick your toilet seat effectively and ensure comfort; it does not need to be lined with wool, nor be soft and squishy, but it should definitely be comfortable and easy to sit on. A firm, rigid toilet seat that has no grooves will be like sitting on a plank of wood, something that is not conducive to a comfortable experience. Picking a comfortable toilet seat should mean that you find one that has grooves in and is made to fit the shape of your buttocks. A comfortable toilet seat is not that hard to find, and most home supply stores stock them. You can also have custom seats made that will fit your body perfectly, and you will be required to send measurements in.


Choosing a material for your toilet seat is important. You should make sure your toilet seat is of good quality material and is not mass-produced junk. Porcelain, while good, can break and shatter, as can plastic. Many toilet seats nowadays are made out of plastic, which is not attractive to look at, nor easy to clean; plastic stains, and when mold grows on it, can be hard to thoroughly clean. Be sure to choose a durable material for your toilet seat so you can be sure that your toilet seat will last a long time and be easy to clean. Cleanliness is absolutely essential to a good quality of life, and if you do not clean your toilet seat, you will be sitting in sweat, filth, and bacteria. A good toilet seat is smooth, easy to sit on, and easily cleaned. Pick according to that criteria.


The style of the toilet seat should match the interior of your bathroom; some people choose to decorate their toilet seats with covers, glitter, or stickers. Design your seat according to your bathroom. If your bathroom is abundant with beiges and Earth colors, then perhaps a light brown toilet seat would be appropriate; if your bathroom is full of glass and mirrors, then consider a glass toilet seat. Transparent glass toilet seats have become very popular in recent years and are an awesome way to create harmony in your bathroom. A white toilet is so basic, and there are so many other options.

Your toilet seat does not have to be boring, and can liven up your home and be a very important part of designing the interior of your bathroom; make it a centerpiece if you want, and enjoy yourself, as, after all, you have full creative license over your home.


Now you know a few ways to choose a toilet seat. Your toilet seat is an important component of your bathroom and will be something you spend at least a year of your life sitting on. Choose effectively.

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