Ideas For Decorating With Area Rugs


If you’re trying to find a new look for your living room, consider incorporating area rugs into your decor. They can help ground the look of your living room, no matter what the color scheme is. You’ll find that area rugs made of a blend of wool and viscose fibers have a luxuriously soft handfeel and a subtle shimmer. These rugs also complement a white couch and add an instant style boost to your room.

Shag Rugs Are A Great Choice For Monochromatic Decor

Shag rugs add warmth and comfort to any space. They look great in every room, from bedrooms to living rooms. Even the bathroom can benefit from a shag rug. Shag rugs can also create a cozy reading nook or sitting area. They look great under a statement chair or layered over a bed.

Shag rugs are high-pile rugs, which means that they have more visible tufts than the average area rug. This type of rug has a unique texture, and is often made from natural fibers. They are also extremely durable and easy to clean.

Shag rugs are also great choices for monochromatic decor schemes. The all-over pattern and flexible earth tones make them a versatile choice. They can even be used to complement traditional colors for a classic look. The most popular shag rugs are the oversized area rugs.

Cowhide Rugs Are A Great Choice For Southwestern Decor

Cowhide rugs are a great way to add a touch of cowboy style to your interior design. These beautiful rugs will add an organic and soft feel to any room. These rugs are available in many colors, sizes, and styles.

Cowhide rugs are versatile and durable. They can fit in with a variety of interior design schemes, and are stain-resistant because of the natural oils in cowhide. Whether your southwestern decor theme is contemporary, southwestern, or even boho, cowhide rugs will add warmth to any room.

A good cowhide rug can last for up to 15 years if maintained properly. They should not be exposed to direct sunlight and should only be vacuumed in the direction of the hair growth. You should also avoid using harsh chemicals on cowhide rugs. You can buy cowhide rugs on various online websites. Some of them include Etsy.

Cowhide rugs are a great way to add cowboy flair to a room without breaking the bank. Made from the hide of a cow, cowhide rugs are beautiful and durable, yet they are affordable. They are also easy to clean. They are a great choice for families with children or pets.

Cowhide Rugs Are A Great Choice For Layered Decor

Cowhide Rugs Are A Great Choice For Layered Decor

Cowhide rugs are a great option if you want a stylish, layered look in your home. They are available in different colors and patterns and are a versatile addition to any room. These rugs are woven using high-quality cowhide. Nowadays, cow skins are not only used for carpeting, but they are also popular as tapestries and photo backrests. Their versatility has made them a favorite for decorators of all types.

Cowhide rugs are a great way to tie together large rooms with their natural shape and color. They also add a special flare to any room. Moreover, because cowhides are naturally stain-resistant, they make the perfect choice for homes with pets and children.

Cowhide rugs can be easily cleaned by wiping it with a soft cloth. However, it is best to avoid letting water contact the cowhide. This is because water can cause mold or mildew to grow. If you do spill something on the cowhide, you can use a mild dish soap to clean it. But, make sure to test the cleaning solution in a small area to make sure it will not damage the rug.

Cowhide Rugs Make A Statement

Cowhide area rugs are an elegant way to decorate any room. You can use them to delineate different spaces, tie different pieces of furniture together, or simply as a beautiful throw over your furniture. They make a bold statement and add texture to your room. The textured design of cowhide is sure to make an impact.

If you have wood floors and are looking for an eye-catching accent piece for your home, cowhide area rugs are a great way to go. A cowhide rug can add texture to your bedroom, create a focal point in your living room, and enhance the decor of your office. A cowhide rug is easy to clean and can add a touch of sophistication and warmth to your room.

A cowhide area rug can be found in a variety of sizes. Choose a smaller rug if space is limited or a large rug for a larger space. Choose a cowhide area rug that is unique in its pattern. The ideal cowhide rugs are almost half the size of a medium size blanket.


There are a multitude of ways to decorate with area rugs. Choosing a color scheme, choosing accessories, and finding unique items that fit your style can be overwhelming. While area rugs can be bought in a variety of designs, colors, and textures, they should be made of quality materials and can last for decades. In fact, you may be able to pass them down from generation to generation.

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