HVAC System Types: What Are They & How Do They Work?


The HVAC system in your home plays a very important role. It helps keep your space cool in the summer, and warm and cozy in the winter. It is something many people can’t live without, and makes living in areas with extreme temperature much more bearable.

While you might think all systems are created equally, this is not the case. There are actually many different HVAC that can be found in homes, offices, and other types of residential and commercial buildings. Without any further ado, this blog post is going to go over a few different HVAC system types and how they work.

Split System

A split system is the most commonly-found system in many homes and other residential buildings. They have two different components, an air conditioner and a furnace, which both use the same ductwork in your home to transport cool and warm air throughout your space.

These rely on the use of a single thermostat to allow you to set the preferred temperature in your home. In these systems, the air conditioner is generally located outside the home and features refrigerant and coils to cool the air it sends through your home. The furnace, on the other hand, is often found in the basement of a home and normally uses gas and an evaporator to push heat into your home.

Hybrid Split System

Another popular option is the hybrid split system. This is similar to the last system, only that it can use both electricity or gas to power it. This system works by allowing a homeowner to choose which is the most efficient option, and use that to heat or cool their home. 

Gas heating is often fast and powerful, but electric heating offers more control and is often more affordable. Both can offer you benefits, so feel free to choose whichever one makes the most sense for your needs at any given time.

Packaged Heating and Cooling System

If you are limited when it comes to space, a packaged heating and cooling system might be right for you. Both the heating and cooling components of this system are packed into the same unit, and this is often stored somewhere out of the way, such as on your roof, in the attic space, or beside your home.

This frees up a lot of storage space in your home, and doesn’t take up more room than it needs to. The unit connects to your ducts, often through a single hole, and the system is not only cheaper to install, but often easier to maintain and keep in great shape.

Mini-Split Duct-Free System

Mini-Split Duct-Free System

Most commonly found in hotel rooms, offices, or apartment buildings, these systems can heat and cool your home all without the need for ductwork. These duct-free units are installed directly in each room that they will heat or cool, and use both indoor and outdoor components combined with copper tubing to keep your home cool or warm.

They allow you to have incredible control over your heating and cooling, as you can choose which precise areas of your home to heat or cool, while leaving the others untouched. This means they are incredibly efficient and can save you money over time. However, these do often come with a relatively large installation cost when compared to other systems.

They come with many advantages and disadvantages like every system, so make sure you do your research when deciding which is the right one to go with. We hope that this article has helped you learn a little more about the various different types of HVAC systems.

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