How usefull are compact refrigerators really?


A portable fridge, as the name suggests, is a mini-fridge that is portable and handy. Evakool portable refrigerators are primarily used in Hotels, Motels, Resorts, Offices, Bedrooms, Shops.

Let’s say in the wee hours of the night if one wants to have some ice cream or drink some chilled beer. A portable fridge by their bed will save them from the hassle of getting down from the bed to go to the kitchen. It is also quite helpful, especially for the students who constantly move. It’s effortless to relocate Portable refrigerators. It is not only mini in size. These are also small on electric consummation and your wallet.

A portable fridge is also known as a mini-refrigerator, Compact-refrigerator, or more commonly known as a mini-fridge Compact-Refrigerators come in different sizes, varying anywhere between 1.7 to 4.5 cubic feet. A mini-fridge can store beverages, snacks, water, and ice cream. As opposed to a regular fridge, it takes significantly less space.

Types of Compact/mini Refrigerators

1-  Drinks mini chiller – These are used only to store Beverages, soft drinks, and water. It is small compared to other mini-refrigerators, and Because of the small size, vegetables and snacks cannot be stored in the mini chiller.

2-  Cube mini-fridge – Cube mini-fridges are the most commonly used mini-fridge. These are compact and do not occupy much space. These only have 1-2 compartments with reversible doors; unlike Drinks mini chillers, these have enough space to store beverages, snacks, and veggies.

3- Travel mini-fridge – Travel mini-fridge are portable mini cold storage units which are primarily used while travelling for picnic’s, or while camping, etc. whilst these are less durable compared to the other type of compact refrigerators these are also significantly cheaper

4- Mid-sized compact cold storage – These compact Fridges have more storage than a cube mini-fridge. It has more shelves and hence more storage space Mid-sized compact refrigerators also come with a freezer, which relatively costs more than a cube mini-fridge.

5- Counter high compact fridge – This type of compact fridge is also known as under-the-counter mini-fridges as they can be fitted under the counter. These are the most expensive mini-fridges and come in two variants: A single door or a double door. This type of mini fridge has lots of storage space, and they also come with a lock, freezer, light, dispenser. Unlike some other types of mini Fridges, which only store beverages, these can store Any food items, water, soft/hard drinks, beverages, vegetables, left-overs, etc.

The best portable fridge brand available in the Australian Market

With over 25 Years of experience in the Bag, Evakool is undoubtedly the reigning champion of storage solution manufacturer and supplier selling crowd favourite Ice Boxes and Portable refrigerators.

Evakool offers a diverse range of both iceboxes and portable refrigerators, which suit the Australian lifestyle and climate, with service centres nationwide for the convenience of customers.

Different types of Portable refrigerators offered by Evakool

1- Infinity fibreglass- The iconic Evakool icebox available either as portable refrigerators or a 12v refrigerator. Which comes with an unmatched premium finish with unique fibreglass, which is non-porous to avoid odours. With its surreal insulation properties, Evakool Infinity Fiberglass is a must-have appliance.

2- Travel series – Perfect for any outdoor activities like camping, picnic. With all the features and mod-cons, they are boasting as the must-have travel companion.

3- Caravan Fridge Freezer Series – All the 4WD enthusiastic out there, don’t worry Evakool has got your back with 95l or 110l and with Evakool’s unique 40l drawer fridge for all those looking for a premium Portable refrigerators for their 4WD

In conclusion, there are many kinds of Portable refrigerators available in the market. However, now as everyone knows the different types of compact fridges and their functionality, one can decide on their perfect mini-fridge.

Author bio: Helen Harry is a freelance writer and a GOT fan. Apart from writing Technologies, she likes to read & write fiction. More than anything, she loves to spend her time with her family, explaining technologies to the elders.


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